“We cease being
victims of life and
all its fears when
we realize that
contrasting emotions
can teach peace.”
- Mary Corning

Mary Corning

“Life teaches us how to live, yet we often run from it, mask it, cloak it, resist it, and deny it. All the while life keeps offering us opportunities for a new perspective.”

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Paperback and online editions of Perfect Practice are available now online and at your favorite local bookstore. If you don’t find it, ask the bookseller to order it today. Our Special Edition is also available to order on this site! 

Perfect Practice will inspire, delight, encourage and expand, your awareness. The stories will make you laugh and make you cry – but always with the purpose of a greater understanding. In this book the author shares her toughest life lessons – stories of turmoil and of triumph.

Change Your World

Mary Corning changes lives by defining the transformative power of pain. As an author, horse advocate, mentor, workshop and retreat facilitator, she clearly and compassionately models this process through her messages and stories.

Mary extends her philosophy into her world of horses, where both people and horses benefit from realizing a different way to interpret challenge.

Great teachers have offered support and blessings that caused a shift in her perception. That shift, in turn changed her world. And it can change yours, too.

Reviews for Perfect Practice

"This is an excellent book for horse lovers as it gives practical application to the lessons we all learn from our horses and applies them to our own personal lives."
-- Wendy Hensley, Editor, Northwest Rider Magazine.
"This book is one woman’s journey, and I find it profound."
-- Carolyn Hunt, Legacy of Legends
"An extraordinary and life enhancing read that is as thoughtful and insightful as it is 'real world practical' and inspiring"
-- Midwest Book Review

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