Mary Corning Gathering of friends

A gathering of friends

“Find out what the horse needs and give it to him. “

Recently I had the joyous opportunity to spend some quality time with some beautiful people and their truly remarkable horses.
I suppose you could call this a clinic. But to me it was so much more. And, actually… so much less. By this I mean there were no agendas for learning, no tasks to prefect, or levels to advance through. There was simply and profoundly relationships to expand. So in terms of “doing” it was laidback. In terms of observing it was chock-full. And I feel this is an essential shift in the way, we, as human beings are meant to evolve.
I hope this video will demonstrate that learning, sharing and experiencing while in a group environment can come in many forms. And I see it in the same light that I see my horse’s curriculum. It should feel good, be rewarding and fun.
I arrived without any preconceived notion about what we would do. I guessed there would be people and horses. I had complete faith that the horses would indicate the lessons that needed to be discovered. And that’s exactly what happened.
The lovely people who invited me into their world soon found that the changes taking place were within themselves. And, when they shifted their intentions and redirected their attention the changes came with little to no effort.
I thought we might begin by having a conversation, but when I walked in the arena, there was a horse tied to the wall who was very anxious. She was visibly expressing separation anxiety. And rightly so. She came into a completely new environment and was tied in a place that she couldn’t see out. There were strangers (horses) in paddocks just outside. Her owner, although ultimate novice, was thoughtful enough to bring her a hay bag for her comfort . But she was much too nervous to settle down.
The mare was pawing at the ground and white-eyed. I then realized that this would be the morning’s experience. I thought this was a great opportunity to utilize the conditions so that folks in attendance could realize empathy and understanding for this mare’s plight.
It was an honor to work with that lovely couple. The forgiving and adaptive mare and her person… a kind and thoughtful woman who smiled from ear to ear as she learned. I mentioned to this her that I’d never met anyone like her. She was so willing and truly enjoyed the process of learning. Even though everything I was suggesting was new and, she had a very animated horse to do it with, she smiled the most sincere and lovely smile for the entire weekend. The mare’s person was a real example to us all.
This was just one of the many experiences we all shared as a community of dedicated horsewomen. There was also the inspiring support that was offered by the husbands of these women. It was a joy to see how supportive these partnerships were. The weekend was full of laughter, stories, wisdom, and experience.
So I’d rather not call it a clinic. But rather a kindred gathering for union. Because that was the real purpose. We gathered to simply find the greater value in ordinary tasks, to seek empathy and understanding over force and control, and to broaden our perspective from our limiting thoughts.
I hope you enjoy this clip. It is limited in its scope, as there was much more that took place in these two days. But I think it will be enough to really get a feel for the weekend.


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