Mary Corning eclipse of the son

A Total Eclipse of the Son

Animals intuitively know for themselves what man must realize to thrive. They know coexistence.

Nature serves her children. Man’s insatiable need to control is a total eclipse of the Son.

Our minds eclipse the beauty, wisdom and love that is our natural birthright. Like the rivers, the mountains, the trees and all natural life— we come from the divine source of nature.

In nature it is evident that to live, means to coexist. In fact it’s way more than that. Nature doesn’t simply survive, she thrives in abundance. Wealth of life is natural.

But man’s obsession with the next moment and the acquisition of more, has spoiled his constitution.

The greed that comes from the fear of scarcity is the demise of human brilliance. But the greatest news is that it’s not too late to turn it around. And it’s up to us to make that shift.

Perfect Practice

As I sit each morning in the silent launch of the new day, my mind wanders dramatically all over the map. It floats to a recent past, a thought, a situation or an opinion.

My practice is to quietly, calmly, bring my attention back to the light I see breaking presently through the tall firs outside my window.

Without notice, I then catch my mind launching into the future. I plan, project and strategize my next move. Or I even formulate ideas of something that I feel will happen months from now.

Once again, I bring my mind, peacefully, slowly and lovingly back to focus on the light in the trees or on the first bird that lands at the feeder. I close my eyes and sense the vastness of my awareness.

This is my perfect practice. A daily ritual that tames the reckless mind. But in a way that is empathetic, without force. This is no different than I would guide my horse.

Presence is Perfect

Through this experience, I’ve come to understand the fall from grace in man. Presence is perfect. No matter what’s happening, when we eliminate time we eliminate judgment. When we eliminate judgment, we return to realize our natural grace.

This is our true nature. This is the nature in all life. We have simply become lost in our dependency of believing our thoughts.

Can we change the world and stop the self-annihilation of man?

We can indeed. We must.

But we cannot do it outside of ourselves. We can’t control and micromanage the myriad of 10,000 things that are within our reach in each moment. We must bring that attention back within.

A dear friend of mine has a lovely phrase that she uses. She says, “We won’t solve the problem by looking at the problem.”

People visit with me about their life’s problems. They often ask, “What can I do to resolve this pain?” My answer is often nonconventional. And sometimes that’s enough to show a person that we cannot do what we’ve always done and expect a different result.

It’s not so much of a doing as an undoing. For instance…

One of the most important areas that we can work in is communication. And many people ask, “Don’t I need to go back and resolve the conflict?” Whether it’s with horses or humans, I share that, “It all depends.”

If you go back to resolve a problem in the same manner of thinking that created it, this is not resolving. This is strengthening the resistance.

I Offer Door Number 3

Door number 3 begins within. Door number 3 is returning to our true nature. Door number 3 opens to endless options.

The mind and its habitual conditioning typically has 2 options. It will stay or go, be passive or forceful, hate or love, fight or die. This is a very limited perspective.

To free ourselves from the prison of suffering, we must realize we hold the key. When we do this in our lives, and then go into the world, we create the change that was always reserved for the sages and the prophets.

They say the next Buddha will be a community not an individual. The community involves the brotherhood of man.

So, it’s quite simple. We must check in to see where we separate and condemn ourselves and others. We must recognize, as I do each morning, how the mind has become lost and addicted to time.

In realizing our own individual part of the microcosm, we then free ourselves. And with this, nature can step in to heal her children.

We won’t solve the problems by looking at the problems. We will solve the problems by looking at ourselves and reclaiming our true nature. And then, from there, we embrace every day from our Source which is Love.

Do not allow your allegiance to be one of hatred and separation. Check your thoughts—are they resistant or nonresistant?

Are we living from an open, vast array of options or feeling boxed in by duality? Are we bent on wanting more? Do we strive rather than thrive. Do we seek more power, security, approval, acceptance, or attention? This cup will never be full. This is evident in our world today.

Join with life and have it all!

Bring your heart home to your true self, and see that within the present moment, all is provided.

What joy there is in this release! What freedom comes naturally to the Son! We can self-realize. We can see that we need not control life, nor CAN we! In fact, nor SHOULD we even attempt to be so arrogant as that.

Nature has us. Life is brilliant.

What man can create a sunrise, a flower, or a love such as this?

Peace on earth.
Goodwill toward man.

Let us be the evidence of truth.

Let us be, what—by nature we truly are.
Let us be “The Son.“


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