Mary Corning



Mary Corning changes lives by defining the transformative power of pain. As an author, horse advocate, mentor, workshop and retreat facilitator, she clearly and compassionately models this process through her messages and stories. Mary extends her philosophy into her world of horses, where both people and horses benefit from realizing a different way to interpret challenge.

Mary Corning lives in the foothills of the Oregon Coast Range Mountains. She is an author, horse advocate, mentor and retreat facilitator. Mary enjoys a diverse yet simple and natural lifestyle.

In her work with both people and horses, Mary focuses on real life experience.

Her book Perfect Practice is based on experiential practice rather than intellectual belief.

Mary encourages personal inquiry as a means to uncover hidden patterns. Removing resistance and finding freedom of expression is a cornerstone in Mary’s work.

The application for this life-enhancing work is delivered in many varied environments such as, private personal sessions, horse sessions, personal retreats, group seminars and workshops.

Mary is an award-winning author, published journalist and dedicated practitioner. She has been interviewed on radio and podcasts and enjoys candid and authentic discussions.

Mary’s book Perfect Practice won the Winnie award for ‘Most Inspirational’ at the December, 2022 Equus Film, Art and Literature Festival.

Mary built and maintained her own horse facility where she hosted clinics, boarded horses and taught horsemanship for 20 years. She then extended her philosophical work into human wellness early in the year 2000, when she began offering private sessions and retreats.

Mary considers herself a student of the soul. Her passion and inspiration has always come from living close to nature and in communion with horses.

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