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Above All Else – LOVE

One of the greatest parts about the change that I’ve made in how I see life is the opportunity to really absorb the quality of the life that I am living.

With this shift in how I see, I build deeper relationships with those that I love. I add to my sense of faith in what is truly important to me. You might say in what is, “Above all else!”

This “Above all else” I call Love. But please don’t confuse it with the love that the mind holds for like-minded, inner circle, relationships. The Love that I speak of is unconditioned.

This Love is not based in approval or desire. It doesn’t know of being enough or not enough. There are no levels and certainly no timespans that contain its meaning. This Love is akin to Life.

This love-life is beyond ideas of right and wrong, or yours and mine. It pulls its sustenance from the universal Oneness. It is difficult not to sound cliché when speaking of this love. But a cliché could not contain it either.

No longer do I desire to ride on the surface wave of superficial experience. Now my life speaks daily from the nature of life itself.

After many years of processing this shift in how I see, now is the time to enjoy the fruit of the exploration.

I see it somewhat like an apple ripening on a tree. Each one has a different timeline. There is no way the tree can hasten the ripening. But when it comes due, the taste is so sweet that it’s ultimately clear no man could create it.

As I peel the veils of conditioning, I see with more and more clarity the opportunities that arise from within this Love. Now I see it is vital to stop and soak it in—to absorb the moments that come from the place “Above all else.”

No more am I simply settling and pushing for the next surface experience.

When I stop is when I see.

All those years I thought that this deeper sense of life would be found by pushing go. And funny enough I found it in the pause.

For instance, just yesterday I spent a great afternoon with my horse. We are exploring the multitude of experiences outside of our inner circle. We’re broadening our world like a spiral. Each day going just a little farther, while realizing the value of living every step.

I decided to take Grace up the hillside. The last time we went it was a little slick. She was very methodical in each step she took up and down the hill. I could see on that day she was unsure. And that is where we worked from. I didn’t push and prod. I absolutely gave her the bandwidth to find her balance and her footfall.

Yesterday, all it took was pointing her up the hillside. She marched up there with the confidence and absolute joy that was within her.

You cannot train joy into a horse. But you can stay out of its way.

When we got to the top of the hill, the evening light was stunning. The sky was clear and crisp and the view was spectacular. I decided to step down and just be there with her for some time.

Mary Corning Above all else LOVE

The warm sun, now, a little closer to the earth was intoxicating. And the joy that Grace felt was contagious. While taking some traditional selfie images the bliss in her was clear to see. It was as if she was expressing what I had felt as we headed up the hill.

After that, we explored the trails that the horses had made on the back part of the property and then rode down the driveway and out to another part of the woods. Her desire was evident. And her peace was felt.

This will never make it into a training manual, but I hope by sharing our experiences and some of the imagery you’ll feel the depth of what I write.

This is no different than a relationship with a friend or a spouse or, perhaps most importantly, the relationship we have with life itself.

When we stop to absorb these precious moments we drink them in. And in this we expand. Layers and layers peel away and we see what is, indeed, above all else. The apple ripens

But this expansion is within peace.

Not peace—so that we get somewhere else or become someone. But peace to live the deepest and most full life we can right here, right now.

I feel many times along the course of any given day, that there is a lovely source guiding me. It’s so incredibly clear that my mind is minuscule by comparison.

Coming from this source is how I aim to be with my horse. And, how I am with my horse is how I want to be in my life. The two, as I often say, are synonymous.

So I hope you enjoy our adventures and please do share your experiences. It is in the sharing that we all benefit from this wonderful expansive view.

Thank you so much for being with me and with Grace. It’s such a lovely life to live.

May Love abide and be seen above all else.


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