Mary Corning Adapting to conditions

Adapting to Conditions

As I hobble around on ice and snow, once again my horses show adaptability to conditions.

This is a topic that is so overlooked and unexplored. And it’s probably one of the most helpful life skills we can learn.

Adapting to conditions.

Ray Hunt said many times, “Adjust to fit the situation.”

One thing I frequently hear from new clients is that they feel lost in knowing what to do when things get overwhelming.

When life and all its conditions pile up and create an overload effect it can feel very constricting. And by the way it can seem that way in horse/human experiences too.

This contraction convinces us that we have no options. I have sat in many a session when the train has derailed and there is panic. My job is to show, without a shadow of a doubt, that we have the ability to adapt. We always have options.

The human mind, especially in crisis, is very dualistic. It’s all or nothing. This is a weakness and is not our true nature. It comes with the conditioning of the mind.

Nature is always adapting. And we can, once again, take our lead from her. There are many components to explore in learning how to adjust to fit the situation. This is where I come in.

I help folks learn to:
* Let go of taking things personally
* Be very present, limiting past and future.
* Appreciate the effectiveness of incremental success
* Be willing to see things differently
* Realize a belief is not a truth
* Shift fear into curiosity
*Turn obligation into dedication

And that’s just the beginning of a wide variety of helpful options.

In Perfect Practice I go through deep crisis such as death, rejection, fear, loss and many more life lessons. And with each chapter I relay the shift of perspective that truly saved me from myself.

There are options!!!!

This is my work with folks. Whether it is with a horse or in a marriage, whether it be about feeling lonesome or never having space alone, the same applies. The important thing to remember is that


This statement has created so much peace in my life. The willingness to see things far beyond my conditioning and even beyond conditions, has brought me the gift of choice.

And with choice we see another way. In seeing another way we learn to adapt. And the better we get at adapting the more peaceful life becomes.

And… The more peace each of us feels, the more peaceful our world is.

Let’s build a peaceful world by learning the skills to live a peaceful life. Let’s let nature lead the way. She has the answers. It’s time we listen.


If this blog resonates with you, please consider reading my book Perfect Practice. You can read an excerpt from the book HERE.

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