Mary Corning Presentation Friendsview

An Afternoon at Friendsview

This is such a busy time of the year. In our quest to meet demands, schedules, and holiday obligations, we risk losing sight of what’s truly important about this season.

During a wonderful afternoon last month at Friendsview Auditorium in Newberg, we explored how acceptance can deliver a valuable gift if we’re ready to leave resistance behind.

Acceptance is the key to freedom. To feel pain, fear, suffering or frustration is a natural part of the survival response when we experience conflict. These feelings are meant to be temporary indicators for change, yet we can often acquire a lot of resistance to them. Resisting an indicator for change can lead to resisting life’s greatest transitions. Learning acceptance while in transition offers us the benefit of wisdom combined with willingness. This is a gift for effective living that is both timeless and invaluable.

Thank you to all who attended! And thank you to our friends at Friendsview for hosting the event.

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