Mary Corning Old Friends

Ol’ Friends

When relationships are what’s important we have a chance to explore timelessness. We see beyond shift and change into the love that remains true. It’s a little like watching clouds

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Mary Corning Gathering of friends

A gathering of friends

“Find out what the horse needs and give it to him. “  Recently I had the joyous opportunity to spend some quality time with some beautiful people and their truly

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Mary Corning horse trail course water crossing

Natural Progression

“Natural Progression”, these words have been a pillar of my study with Grace. Letting go of force, no matter how gentle it is, has been a life-changing exploration. Even my

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Freedom from our “Own Worst Enemy”

Freedom from our Worst Enemy

Subtleties mean everything to the horse. And the horse is Life. When we learn from them, we learn about life. The human is quick to act. We are compulsive reactors. We

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