Mary Corning jumping the moon

Jumping the Moon

Well my friends, I’ve still been laid up quite a little bit. Hoping for good health to return very soon. Meanwhile I have had some wonderful, very short rides with

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Mary Corning Faith over Force

Faith Over Force

I’m so grateful for this time in my life when I’m following my heart. The changes that I find in myself are beyond anything I could learn. I had to

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Mary Corning way of inclusion

The Way of Inclusion

We are not meant to separate. We are meant to unite. Not just with other human beings but within all life.  The purpose of form is to realize the formless.

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Mary Corning Perfect Practice Is

What is Perfect Practice?

The depth of what I experience in life (and with horses) has been shared by masters from every philosophical tradition, including horsemanship, throughout all time. In Perfect Practice I wrote:“I’ve seen

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Mary Corning I want what you want

I Want What You Want

Husbands, God and horses. My husband and I have a pact: “I want what you want.” We have grown our relationship by this philosophy. Wanting another’s well-being as much as

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