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Perfect Practice

A Philosophy for Living an Authentic and Transparent Life

We can shift our perspective and change our world. Life can be exceptionally gratifying when we realize that our thoughts create our interactions and our interactions create our relationships. To truly relate is what living is all about.

This book is meant as a seed. Its message offers inspiration for living an authentic and transparent life. As a resource for life, it unites what is seen as separate and heals what is wounded. Readers will learn how to transform:
  • Pain into purpose
  • Conflict into confidence
  • Fear into curiosity
These are the shifts we can make to build a better life and a better world in which to live.


Ken KornelisPhD, Psychologist
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"Our life comes under the control of one or the other - presence in love or escape in fear. Perfect Practice offers us hope by defining the wisdom that pain offers. This wisdom brings with it freedom from our own fearful thoughts. I have been entranced by the many interesting stories, lessons and gems of wisdom scattered throughout this book. I believe you, the reader, will too."
Jennifer ZaczekFounder, Cypress Editing
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"Every now and then, a book comes into your life at just the right time. This has been one of those books for me, and I know it will be that way for many of your readers. Thank you for sharing your life on these pages."
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