Mary Corning Adapting to conditions

Adapting to Conditions

As I hobble around on ice and snow, once again my horses show adaptability to conditions. This is a topic that is so overlooked and unexplored. And it’s probably one of the most helpful life

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Mary Corning Honor your creation

Honor your Creation

I remember years ago when I had a dedicated office in town, I had a stack of handouts on the front desk. I still remember the tagline.  “The life you live is the life you

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Mary Corning Grace Heal our world


As I grow deeper into realizing the essence of my life I consistently find grace at the center of everything that is. I’m not mincing words when I say “everything.” In the pain and the pleasure,

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Mary Corning way of inclusion

The Way of Inclusion

We are not meant to separate. We are meant to unite. Not just with other human beings but within all life.  The purpose of form is to realize the formless. The seemingly separate aspects and

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Mary Corning Long and Low

Long and Low

“We cease being victims of life and all its fears when we realize that contrasting emotions can teach peace.” –Perfect Practice Long and Low Today I switched saddles on Grace. As her body is maturing,

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Mary Corning Serve the infinite

I Wish to Serve the Infinite

Why do I spend so much time on these early developmental stage tasks? Well… I would like to say that it’s all for the horse. And the greater part certainly is. But the bonus that

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