Mary Corning all about Grace

It’s all about Grace

Recently, I had what I call a pop quiz. With the onset of spring and many plans for summer I found myself fast tracking to the next. “The next” is such a slippery slope. And

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Mary Corning illusion of obstacles

The Illusion of Obstacles

Peace is now, not when. Recently I heard a trainer say push yourself and your horse into “hard”. He went on to say “Horses don’t do well with easy they do great with hard. They need

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Mary Corning dedicated seeker

Conscious Awareness: for the Dedicated Seeker

The first installment in a series for the dedicated seeker. You can read the second installment, “Being Early” here, and the third installment “Natural Progression — Being Aware of the Line in the Sand” here. Conscious Awareness

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Mary Corning Grace maturity


One of the many things I have learned at this stage of the game is that maturity is not necessarily a learned subject. Maturity comes differently for everyone. And it especially does for horses. This

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Mary Corning eclipse of the son

A Total Eclipse of the Son

Animals intuitively know for themselves what man must realize to thrive. They know coexistence. Nature serves her children. Man’s insatiable need to control is a total eclipse of the Son. Our minds eclipse the beauty,

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