Mary Corning gift of Choice

The Gift of Choice

Thought is not truth The gift of Choice My husband often tells me that one of my attributes is that I am highly geared at seeing options. When I was a young child, I hit

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Mary Corning Ray Hunt rainbow

Ray Hunt Memorial Day

Yesterday was Ray Hunt Memorial Day. As I looked through hundreds of photographic memories, I saw many versions of myself and of Ray. It reminded me of the precious journey that we all are on. Sometimes

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Mary Corning leading from behind

Leading from Behind

I took a lesson from a master yesterday. (You can watch the video clip here). My horse Far Go leads his herd with brilliance and with passion. It was a blustery, snow mixed with rain

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Mary Corning above all else love

Above All Else – LOVE

One of the greatest parts about the change that I’ve made in how I see life is the opportunity to really absorb the quality of the life that I am living. With this shift in

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