Mary Corning above all else love

Above All Else – LOVE

One of the greatest parts about the change that I’ve made in how I see life is the opportunity to really absorb the quality of the life that I am living. With this shift in

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Mary Corning Perceptions change

Perceptions Change, Truth Remains

What freedom there is in letting go of the ideas that our perceptions are truth. Oh what a release for the mind, body and soul. Each one of us sees from a veiled perspective. These veils were

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Mary Corning Application of realization

Application of Realization

I copied this from my personal page memories. I found it interesting that what I wrote of 2 years ago, is also what I just shared in yesterday’s video chat; Truth does not change with

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Mary Corning Soft Feel

Soft Feel and Self Regulation

For many years I had a strong desire to make things happen. I felt that to be happy meant I had to be enough. Being “enough” meant I had to be good at what I did,

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Mary Corning jumping the moon

Jumping the Moon

Well my friends, I’ve still been laid up quite a little bit. Hoping for good health to return very soon. Meanwhile I have had some wonderful, very short rides with Grace. And as always she

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Mary Corning Faith over Force

Faith Over Force

I’m so grateful for this time in my life when I’m following my heart. The changes that I find in myself are beyond anything I could learn. I had to uncover them. This way… or

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