Mary Corning Becoming Nonresistant to Resistance

Becoming Nonresistant to Resistance

In life, and in horsemanship, there is no guarantee and no prerequisite for a peaceful ride. In fact, it is by divine design that we come up against conflict, chaos, grief, sorrow, and even occasional

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Mary Corning Perfect Practice Is

What is Perfect Practice?

The depth of what I experience in life (and with horses) has been shared by masters from every philosophical tradition, including horsemanship, throughout all time. In Perfect Practice I wrote:“I’ve seen the glimmering glimpse of the

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Mary Corning I want what you want

I Want What You Want

Husbands, God and horses. My husband and I have a pact: “I want what you want.” We have grown our relationship by this philosophy. Wanting another’s well-being as much as our own is a spiritual

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Mary Corning spectacular

The Sensation of Spectacular!

I was visiting with my friend the other day about the sensation of “spectacular!” This sensation is at the core of so many desires. We are not really looking for that right job, home, or

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Mary Corning Return to Unity

The Return of Unity

Life is meant to be shared. The idea of separation is counterintuitive to life. Within the human mind came the idea of control. Along with it, a deluge of misfortune. Nature professes unity and the

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Mary Corning Go Back

Go Back! Go Back!

I love when Grace shows me exactly where to look when I loose myself to trainer’s mind. She has been finding all kinds of ways to get through to me. I didn’t make a big

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