Mary Corning Long and Low

Long and Low

“We cease being victims of life and all its fears when we realize that contrasting emotions can teach peace.” –Perfect Practice Long and Low Today I switched saddles on Grace. As her body is maturing,

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Mary Corning Serve the infinite

I Wish to Serve the Infinite

Why do I spend so much time on these early developmental stage tasks? Well… I would like to say that it’s all for the horse. And the greater part certainly is. But the bonus that

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Mary Corning Fearless faith over fear

Finally Fearless

In this day and time the word fearless is beginning to shift into a new dimension. “Fearless” has often been associated with aggressive, bold and gutsy. Now I see that definition as, what I call,

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Mary Corning Miracle in Realization

The Miracle in Realization

Not long ago, I was asked to travel to Washington state to work with some folks and their horses. It was a jam-packed two days of visiting about horses and life. These lovely folks were

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