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The Outer Path to the Inner Path

Where did the desire to release my humanness and reclaim my soul come from? I remember all too well our family of six filed into the Catholic cathedral. The girls wore white gloves and veils,

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Walking Each Other Home

“Walking each other home” is a beautiful description of a vital message in my practice. I remember the feeling of comfort I felt when I read in The Course of Miracles that, no one gets

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The Rejuvenating Art of Renewal

Stepping back from the world of “ten thousand things” is a spiritual practice. This rejuvenating art of renewal is often upstaged by its adversaries — time and money.  Resting our minds soothes our bodies and

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My Dog Pistol and Buddha

From On Guard to Un-Guard

Last year I laid to rest a very dear friend and companion—my dog Pistol. Pistol was a rescue from the neighborhood shelter. He was a blend of Pitbull and Labrador. A beautiful blend of loyal

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Mary Corning Presentation Friendsview

An Afternoon at Friendsview

This is such a busy time of the year. In our quest to meet demands, schedules, and holiday obligations, we risk losing sight of what’s truly important about this season. During a wonderful afternoon last

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Dog on ATV

Lost in Our Doings

For the most part our lives are filled with doings. Endless lists of chores, appointments, things to get and places to go. We can easily get lost in our doings. The simplest thing anyone can

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