Chaos to Consciousness

As I have come to understand life from a perspective of natural law I see more and more that the root of all Life is consciousness.

I also witness, in endless conditions, that the root of dysfunction is unconsciousness.

In mythology unconsciousness is often described as “The Dark Side”, meaning, blind, hidden, void, un illuminated…just to name a few. This darkness is often a great detriment to an individual life. Unconscious tendencies, habits and patterns are the breeding ground for dysfunction. And dysfunction is the forerunner of suffering, separation and pain. This not only effects individuals. It is also destructive in relationships, families, communities and even our entire world. Unconsciousness is not to be taken lightly.

Consciousness, on the other hand is described as, light, awareness, enlightened, deep, or awakened. It enables flow, unity and peace. It is even recognized as the heart of life; the very essence of existence.

In this dynamic world of polarity it is a simple and profound observation to see that flow—coming from its source, consciousness is effective and creative. While resistance coming from its source “The dark side” can be destructive, depleting and separating.

All of this is to say that in Life, consciousness is not only a desired effective choice for wellbeing, it is indeed, the holy grail!

I enjoy offering a visual example of how this all operates. Because I feel when people can see for themselves, the difference between the two, it will make such an impact that it can change a life. Visual examples create experiential knowledge that is not easily denied And in sharing this essential life lesson, horses are my favorite example.

So, that said, the video clip “From Chaos to Consciousness” attempts to offer a visual experience of the benefits and natural application of consciousness.


Here’s what you’ll see:


After a significant snowfall, we had more than a foot of snow on the arena roof. As the days went on and warmed up, the snow began to melt. As the snow melts off the roof, it falls to the ground with a mighty crash. Sometimes it does this in small increments. But every now and then a large section falls all at once. To a horse who is confined in this area, this can be a life shattering experience. Instinctively it feels as if the sky is falling.

On this day as the snow was melting I was hopeful to offer my horses a conscious choice in their response to the falling snow.

One cannot teach consciousness. Yet we can (and I do) set up scenarios that offer the recognition that consciousness is consistently and even endlessly available. It is in all life.

On this day however, I had no idea of how extreme our lesson would become. Life often hands us opportunities to check in with our practices. Of course our intension is to be more consciously effective. I for one do my best to learn the curriculum to the best of my ability. Of course there are times when we are hit with pop quizzes. These are the times we get to check our work and see if what we are applying is effective or ineffective. In other words when life gets chaotic do we retain a natural flow or does the chaos take over? This is the indicator to realize if we are rooted in consciousness or if we become unconsciously reactive.

On this day with my horses, there was a pop quiz. And I feel very happy and fortunate that the horses and I, all were able to remain conscious and effective in our responsiveness.

I hope you’ll enjoy the video clip. And I especially hope you will find it to be a good example of the benefit as well as the beauty of developing the willingness to live a deeply conscious life.

If I can support you and or your horses in this endeavor, I would be honored to do so.

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