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I have one job and that is, that you feel good. Our feelings are the barometer for our life. Our feelings check our pressure level and report accurately back what we need to know. When we feel pain, fear or resistance it is an indicator to look deeper into the situation and look for options. Problems arise when we feel pain or resistance and we want to mask it, hide it, run away, or eradicate the pain. This is how unconscious habit develops — in defense of pain.

A Guide

I help hold the flashlight (so to speak). Just as people are different, every session is different, yet somehow the same. The details in life vary greatly from day to day and person to person. Yet what is working, far beneath the surface, is ultimately the same for each of us. We all experience the same feelings. Everything from joy to suffering and all points in between are the human responses. We all have these feelings in common. Circumstances are different yet there are only so many emotions. Human emotions are universal.

I see myself as a guide to help bring people home. Our own home is our own deeper self. That perfectly individual, divine attribute to the collective human experience.

Try this Way
Beautiful Forest Path

The Acquired Self

There is a depth to the layers in each individual. The outer layers are often so far from one’s heart that they are mostly unconscious responses. These come from what I call the “acquired self”. This outer layer is composed of our opinions, reactions, and habits. Most of the time we are quite unaware of how these unconscious tendencies actually get in the way of living the life we want. They act as an auto-pilot. And before we know it, we have left our deepest inspirations, or our greater purpose behind. This is how we end up living a life of regret. We followed someone else’s plan. We end up working all our life in a job that is not suited to us. Or even worse, living from this outer layer can even take us away from the people we love the most. We stop seeing love and start seeing through our false judgments. We can lose track of our natural compassion. We cease living from our heart and we cease living. It would seem that we are simply surviving.

I help people peel these outer layers and look deeper into themselves to reclaim the life they know to be true. To reclaim the love that has never died — but has simply been paused by all the shoulds and should-nots. I remind folks that they indeed have choices in their lives. That they need not be constant victims of circumstance. You might say I help bring them home to themselves.

Simple, But Not Easy

The work is very simple. But by simple, I don’t mean easy. I mean it is not complicated. Each person must be willing to look. I can lead someone to their own perfect waters, but I cannot make them drink. It takes being willing to let go of the habit of right and wrong. I don’t believe in depending on right and wrong — I see those as by-products. I believe in understanding what is effective or ineffective. What is effective has positive results. And that’s what we will work on. If someone is living ineffectively the results are pain and suffering. The results of ineffective living is typically what brings people to me. They are in search of another way. And that first step of being willing to look, can change one’s life forever.

This is the greatest work there is and I am inspired by everyone who makes the conscious decision to reclaim their own natural and perfect life. 

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