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Conscious Awareness: for the Dedicated Seeker

The first installment in a series for the dedicated seeker.

You can read the second installment, “Being Early” here, and the third installment “Natural Progression — Being Aware of the Line in the Sand” here.

Conscious Awareness — the most important practice

I sat down to write this morning about the wisdom that has evolved by altering my state of mind while bringing along my young horse Grace. Yet it could easily fill the pages of another book.

So I decided perhaps I can share in the same way I learned—incrementally.

Ray Hunt would often ask, “What happened before what happened happened?”

To begin at the beginning I completely shifted my state of mind.

I learned from the Masters so what I left behind was not their guidance but the idea that wisdom is dogmatic. It’s not! And they instilled this in me.

“Adjust to fit the situation” they would say.

“Set it up and wait” they would say.

And hundreds of other wisdom pieces that remained in my heart for over 3 decades.

I had to let go of being dependent on the task for the sake of the task. In other words…

I had to see beyond the obvious and illuminate the subtle.

My horse sees and lives in subtleties. To really reach inside her, I needed to stop being a surface worker.

I caution folks here…Once you take the dive, there is no going back. But, I will say, that is a very good thing.

It’s good for the horse and it’s good for the human. And from where I stand it’s good for the betterment of mankind. The human kingdom is in desperate need of a positive and complete shift.

The shift is complete because once we recognize the incredible effectiveness of conscious awareness over dogmatic judgement we absolutely cannot believe we ever settled for less.

The best place I have found in my life to learn this has been with my horses.

The toughest part of my job in helping people to utilize their own natural talent is in the application.

It seems application is what everybody wants to do. Yet breaking the habit of doing what we’ve always done is what gets in the way of change.

We need to implement a pause. We can learn to slow down, observe, experiment and explore.

The fatal flaw, right out of the gate is that we keep doing what we’ve always done hoping things will be different than they are.

This is the first subtlety. The willingness to step into the void. The willingness to give space rather than to give answers. The willingness to listen. And in this case it meant listening deeply to my horse.

In the early days of what pop culture deemed as “Natural horsemanship” they adopted a phrase known as “Horse whispering”. As is often the case, human arrogance got it completely backwards.

They were implying that this style of horsemanship meant we whisper and the horse understands. This on its own is not a bad thing. But more importantly it’s the horse that is doing the whispering. We have to keenly tune in to that. We have to listen. Then we can respond in kind.

So “horse whispering” means just that. They tell us their needs every moment. And truthfully it’s easy to understand. But not while our mind is chock full of thoughts about should and should nots.

We have to empty our cup. And this is the hardest habit a human being can embrace. And it’s the one the whole world is begging for. Dualistic judgement is the fall from grace. Right and wrong take us out of the game of life and institute war.

Life is what the horse is.
Life is what must go on.

So the most direct route, and we need that right NOW, is to return to that life source within us.

Don’t put the cart before the horse.

Put the horse first!

Excerpt from Perfect Practice:
“Consistency of Awareness—
Perfect presence is accessible to everyone, and perfect practice draws sustenance from its depth. Our awareness of life is embodied in presence. My awareness is always perfect. It is my judgment that can be flawed. It is also my judgment that sees things by contrast. Contrasting involves a positive and a negative side. Awareness is neutral. I have found that to work from a success to a success is what’s most effective in my life. It is not only effective but also fun—it feels good! I am more peaceful when I allow my thinking to be secondary rather than primary. When I am conscious, I observe my thoughts from a state of grace. This grace is an excellent place from which to live. I am not proposing that we stop thinking, just that we let go of our dependency on it. In a world of details and doings, we often hurry past this peaceful foundation to implement our thoughts. This seems to me to be putting the cart before the horse. Awareness is consistent. When I allow awareness to lead me, I remain open to more options. My thoughts play an important supporting role, yet I am led by the positive influence of my open, abundant awareness.”

So in the next installment of sharing Grace, I will give examples of how this practice was applied. But first, let’s not ride over the top of what’s truly important and necessary. Let’s not skip “The preparation to the position for the transition”.

Take a deep breath and know this moment. Then, we can begin.

If you would like to know more I’m help to help.

As is “Perfect Practice, A philosophy of living an authentic and transparent life”.
Available as audio book and in print everywhere.


If this blog resonates with you, please consider reading my book Perfect Practice. You can read an excerpt from the book HERE.

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