Mary Corning Faith over Force

Faith Over Force

I’m so grateful for this time in my life when I’m following my heart. The changes that I find in myself are beyond anything I could learn. I had to uncover them. This way… or faith, was always in me. But I had to remove the debris that was in my way. This life could only stem from its own roots.
I made a commitment to my horse during this time. A full commitment of putting well-being first—hers and mine. This commitment changed everything I see in horsemanship.
Of course following faith over force doesn’t give one a validating concept that says “you’re on the right track”. There is no checklist of success. The success is in the experience. The way I know I’m on the right track is by how I feel, and how my horse feels. There is simply a sense of rightness. The opposite of this was apparent in my past, but I grossly ignored the warning signs.
This path also won’t be validated by experts in the field, because there is no expert outside of our own deepest truth. The way we know is in the life we live, not in someone’s opinion. This is very difficult for the human mind to accept. And most especially in a sociological environment of right and wrong. Therefore time and time again I have taken a deep breath and simply, asked my horse.
The last two weeks I’ve been laid up with some physical issues. So far I’m not strong enough to lift a saddle. And I haven’t attempted to ride yet. But I really wanted to be with my horse and see how she was doing?
Grace showed me the most beautiful flow that required no assistance from me, only encouragement and appreciation.
Mary Corning Faith Over Force
It has been a long road for Grace to traverse the element of moving forward freely. We never forced it. We just continued to work right from where we were and move incrementally forward on her timeline. Then, one day it all showed up! She had faith in her self and in me. She demonstrated this flow with beauty and ease. The way she suddenly began to travel is what all too often folks try to replicate by the use of mechanical force. But this was all Grace.
She moved with balance and joy. Since, on this particular day I was limited physically, the idea that she took care of things seemed all the more sweet. When force is not taught, force is not needed. This was an added, benefit and bonus in how Grace and I work together for the common good.
When everyone takes care of their own part, then flow can continue if part of the equation is compromised.
It is no different in life. We take care of our part, and we leave the rest up to the rest. Every day I breathe Grace shows me the way.
Somethings are not only worth the wait, but impossible to have any other way. Faith over force will forever be my way.

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