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From Fear to Curiosity

The benefit of shifting our perspective is simply that we can change our world. We can transform:

  • Pain into Purpose
  • Fear into Curiosity
  • Conflict into Confidence

For the first half of my life I was of the impression that I was placed firmly into a world that did not suit me. I spent those early years trying to escape it. The harder I tried the better I got at escape. The downside was that escape was completely ineffective.

I searched for answers. I am what some may call a love child. My natural chosen state is love. Though the irony was  I found myself fighting against a world I saw as hostile. After years of looking for escape from it – I finally yielded my defense and stopped running. When I did that the dust settled and  I began to see another way.

Fear limits our perceptions. Fear creates the biological response to fight, flight or freeze. And that response initiates even more fear. We cannot return to peace from a fearful perspective.

The Narrow Gate

Once I surrendered my fight the proverbial narrow gate showed itself. That gateway was not to the outside world. The gate lead  me inward. I began to look at how I saw things, rather than at the things I saw.

Black Cat Looking Out a WindowThis complete shift in my perspective created a brand new world. I realized that I could see the whole picture. And it was in technicolor, not black and white. There were an array of choices. Life ceased being a battle to be fought. It became an adventure and the adventure offered wisdom. The wisdom in turn,  helped unravel the tightly bound limitations of my earlier defensive perspective.

This did not mean I was happy, it meant I was free. And through my freedom came the ability to understand life on life’s terms. Now I see the purpose in the pain. I see it as an indicator for change and from that perspective I become more curious. I want to know more and I look deeper into pain rather than trying to eradicate it. This shift transformed my fear into curiosity.

As I dedicated myself to this study, I began to see that even defensive conflicts offered success, as long as I would do my part. When I saw defensiveness as fear rather than aggression, I could see compassionately. This inner shift became my choice. Compassion is always available and this consistency offered me lasting confidence.

From Nowhere to Now Here

Compassion is Love. Love is my nature. In Love I am home. There is nowhere to run to. As Wayne Dyer would say, I went from nowhere to now here.

It simply required  space.

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