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Give Away What You Need

Not too long ago I had just gotten home from working in town when I got a call asking me to come visit with the young lady who was feeling very lost and alone. I jumped back in the truck and headed into town feeling grateful for the opportunity to lend support when it was needed.

After I came out of the meeting I went to get fuel in my truck, and the gas station attendant met me at my window with strong language and a deep growl. I was feeling very light and happy having supported my friends friend, and I asked the fella, “oh my goodness, are you having a bad day?”

With that he came on even stronger, now cursing at the gas pump because it wouldn’t take my discount card. Saying, “these cards never work”. I said with a wink and a smile “How about you just pump the fuel and we won’t worry about the discount, after all it’s only money and it’s not worth the stress that it’s creating.”

The man turned around and looked at me as if I had given him a get out of jail free card. He leaned over into the window and said “I’m so sorry, I’m not usually like this, but today’s my day off, I didn’t want to come into work but I had to because I really needed the money.” I said, “oh my goodness well those are the days that we need extra encouragement.” right about then someone else pulled in and he had to leave my truck for a moment. He trotted over and pumped that car’s gas and then ran back over to me and said, “Hey how about if I wash your windshield?“ I said that would be fabulous and the next thing you know he started growling again and I said, “what could be wrong now?“ He said, “oh I missed a spot right in the middle.“ I said, “But just think, it’s so much cleaner than when I pulled in.”

As I drove away he gave me a big smile and yelled, “I hope you have a fabulous evening!” The truth is, it was fabulous and the relationship I created with him was a big part of why It was so good.

There’s no doubt in my mind that when we reach out to another who seems to be struggling in one way or another, we develop a symbiotic connection. The experience can grow our hearts in such a way that we rise above feeling tired, stressed, or for that matter, any feeling of inadequacy.

In matters of the heart, when we give away what we need, we find we have more than enough to share.

It is one of life’s best kept little secrets. To have – give.

May the celebrations of this wonderful season overfill your hearts with love.

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