Grace and Developing Emotional Intelligence

I love this video clip of Grace maturing in her decision making process. I am literally watching her mind developing before my very eyes. These observations are the nuances that I grossly overlooked in the young horses I was involved with in my past.

As Grace reaches early adulthood, she is developing, intellectually, how she interprets the world. And this clip is a perfect view into this process. I feel that what is demonstrated here is vital. And I can see that this blending of perception, intelligence, and reaction is created through experience. It is not a finite attitude or characteristic.

Grace is developing emotional intelligence. And I intend to give her every opportunity to see from a perspective of faith rather than fear. I also feel this is an essential shift in perspective that the human race is in desperate need of. For this shift to take place we must find alternative ways of intuiting our environment.

The mind of a child (or a young horse) is curious, responsive, self-centered and spontaneous. These natural tendencies speak to the very essence of nature. This open consciousness is so vital to life’s development it is mentioned in scriptures throughout many cultures.

“To enter the kingdom of heaven (freedom) one must have the mind of a child.”

Though, as we develop the intellect and apparently mature we also develop opinions of fear and defensiveness. And these traits can be very difficult to overcome. Quite often they mask the natural flow and even the joy that nature produces.

In this clip Grace clearly demonstrates that she has the spaciousness within her mind to choose her response in a time of alert presence. And she chose faith over fear.

We had just finished being together, developing trust and progressing in the level of communication we share. I had stepped away and walked to the end of the arena, away from the gate, and the other horses. I sat down in the corner and observed what her next move would be.

Grace watched me walk off and just then several deer came walking right past the barn and literally went over her head, behind her. One by one they went scurrying up the bank. Grace became obviously alert and aware. But what happened next is what I find to be so significant.

Grace looked at the deer in alert awareness and then looked at me. She then looked at the other horses who were on the opposite end of the barn eating. I could see her contemplating her response. She looked back and forth several times. And then chose of her own accord how to respond to this unexpected intrusion of outside stimulus.

Grace could’ve chosen flight or taken on a defensive posture, or she could’ve chosen the familiar safety of her herd. But Grace chose to calmly and consciously walk a straight line over to where I sat.

This is something I want to develop in all aspects of life. In myself, in my relationships and certainly in my horses. Life is not without surprises. There are many challenges as well as simple mishaps. Life is full of unexpected circumstances. How we develop the emotional intelligence to perceive and interpret our world will determine the life that we live.

I hope that this expression and sharing this beautiful video with you will inspire a greater sense of choice. Horses have always offered me a deeper perspective on life. They show me my habits and offer new way of seeing.

Grace has been given the space and the time to develop a deep sense of true unity. This can only come from within her. I did not create it nor can I insist upon it. And as with any relationship, I can simply be a willing participant in the development of faith and let reactive fear wither from neglect.

It’s time to lay down our defenses. To let go of the fight and the control of this world. We can realize, as Grace has, that we have the opportunity to choose faith over fear.

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