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As I grow deeper into realizing the essence of my life I consistently find grace at the center of everything that is.
I’m not mincing words when I say “everything.” In the pain and the pleasure, the joy and the sorrow, Grace is there.
Grace is beyond the duality and polarity of my mind. Grace is constant.
This is a very peaceful and positive recognition. One that can turn a life around—it has mine.
To become fully aware of the depth and power of this realization one must experience it. I have often said, “You can’t learn to ride a horse from reading a book.” It must be experienced. And, my experience with horses is where I learned about grace.
You might say that horses brought me out of the gallows of my mind. And into the awareness of ultimate freedom.
Ok, I agree… this sounds grandiose.
And it would be, if it were not true. I stand as testimony each day and will offer the proof of my findings to anyone who wishes to see.
I began my life extremely dependent and fiercely defensive. If I was a horse I most certainly would have been on the buckin’ string.
I was an alcoholic by the time I was in 7th grade. I dealt drugs in grade school, I ran away from home and lived on the streets—actually more so, in the woods. I knew physical and emotional abuse and I had no respect for life.
That is, except…. nature.
Nature held grace.
I could taste it , smell it and breathe it in when I entered the woods. I sensed it when I was near a dog, a cat, or an ocean…
And I became it, when I was near a horse.
There was an honesty I sensed that I never knew in the manmade world. This feeling was not a mirage. It was a beacon. This awareness had become buried under all my conditioning. My historic outlooks became a divisive barrier between myself and grace.
Without grace my perspective was created by what seemed to be a harsh and fearful world. It was a self-fulfilling prophecy. And in my case, my fearful perspective was a parasite that was killing its host.
This beacon I call grace still leads me today.
Now is the time to live from this source of life. The world is once again facing the consequences of our departure from grace.
It is a clear and present danger to live life without recognition of the essence of it. I know this empirically. I know this as truth. I have the road map. And it’s free for the asking.
Each individual must choose. We cannot heal our world if we are not healed. It is true that the change begins with me.
How can we live in a world free from war if we, ourselves do not know peace?
I heard this message delivered recently in a political platform and it has now become my call to action.
I sincerely hope that those who find this message feel their own beacon inside them.
I hope the burning desire for change is such that the light will not dim. And once and for all, the human race can learn what the animals already know.
That peaceful existence depends greatly, on balance. And balance cannot be found in fear.
Fear is a temporary survival response. It cannot be used as a societal way of life.
Let’s invest our life to leaning peace and therefore returning to grace as the source of our actions.
Won’t you join me?

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