Mary Corning Honor your creation

Honor your Creation

I remember years ago when I had a dedicated office in town, I had a stack of handouts on the front desk. I still remember the tagline.
“The life you live is the life you create. Honor your creation.“
I see folks on a daily basis living a, perhaps comfortable, but somewhat unconscious life. In my book I call this “Comfortable mediocrity.“ This is when we become comfortable with the familiar.
Then, on occasion, I meet people with a burning desire to break the paradigms of the past. To live fully to the depths of their nature. I feel it is these people who are the forerunners—the pioneers of our time.
These are the unique and gifted individuals who want to break historical paradigms and doctrines of the long, outdated past.
My life’s work has been inspired by living a life such as this. And now I share with these inspired seekers, the nuts and bolts of creating a life of mastery. The one that was tailored especially for that individual.
I speak to those who won’t settle for comfortable mediocrity. I speak to those who feel that pounding in their chest at a simple sunrise. And I stand as testimony to the power that is unleashed when we are willing. When we let go of being conditioned by other people’s ideals. Only then are we free to be what we took birth for. Only then can we create a masterful life.
This work involves many of the topics in my book:
– Let go of taking things personally
– Turn fear into curiosity
– See the purpose in pain
– Shift obligation to dedication
– Transition from trust into faith
– Simplify the complex
– Be present
– And most of all … as stated on the cover, live an authentic and transparent life

We first have to be aware of the life we are living and bring a conscious choice to its elements. We can simply take an inventory of what feeds our life and what detracts from it.
Then we can begin to create subtle changes in our perspective which, in turn, can change our actions and more commonly, reactions. We can, as it is mentioned in Perfect Practice, “Repeat to resolve”, rather than repeat through unconsciousness.
We can look at…
Where do we live? Who do we live with? What is our occupation? How do we spend free time? Do we have deep relationships? Are we near nature? On any given day, what are our thoughts—our emotions? What is our life comprised of?
Perfect Practice is a book about changing lives. I happen to use my life which deeply involves horses and the study of interrelating with them. But the book is less about how to ride and much more about how to live.
This year I’m going to be offering some extended formats of study. I am cultivating and creating chatrooms, webinars, study groups and podcasts.
I feel 2024 is a crucial year to bring awareness and deep reflection into our world. I feel that everyone, everywhere has love in their hearts. It’s a matter of uncovering it from the often dictated and fearful conditioning of the past.
If you haven’t read Perfect Practice yet, please reach out. I’m happy to personally send an inscribed copy to you. And, as incentive, if you mention this post I’ll send it with free shipping (within the US).
Let’s build a better world. Let’s unite as an inspired community that intuitively desires peace. Let’s come together rather than fall apart in this transformative time.
My dedication to this new year is to be a voice for peace. And to reach into the hearts of as many people as I can find who have this fire for change.
I stand with you.
I use my life as testimony. I don’t tell I show. It’s not only possible it’s necessary. And…it’s time.
Let’s build a better world and bring peace back to its homeland. Let’s not exile the One who can and has built a world of love for love—that true abiding nature that is alive within us, behind our views, behind our veils. Let’s transform the belief in resistance.
And once and for all…
Let’s give peace a chance.

If this blog resonates with you, please consider reading my book Perfect Practice. You can read an excerpt from the book HERE.

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