horse on main street

Horse and Humanity on Main Street

This summer has been the summer of firsts. I’m not sure there’s been a time in my life when I took more risks or experienced life with such wonder.

Having a book is like having a child: it forces one to venture into the world with a brand-new outlook. I feel as if, like in life with aging parents, the roles are reversed. I gave birth to the book but now the book is raising me. It leads me to do things and to visit with people in such a way that is far deeper than coasting on the surface.

Because the book dives into the deep end of life and doesn’t settle for the surface layer, neither can I. At this point, it’s not entirely clear, which came first, the chicken or the egg.

Mary with visitors in Newberg Oregon

As I reach into the world on a grander scale it is a little like leaving my bubble. I had no idea how limited or constricted my view of the world was. Now, as I speak with people in the streets, I am shown countless new images. The littlest girl with freckles as fresh as a spotted fawn, a tough and upright man who asks with a strong intention, “where does peace come from?“ A woman in a wheelchair who by the grace of her own unique purpose came to the earth with a crooked smile placed perfectly and permanently on her beautifully inquisitive face. The travelers from another country who chose my small and divine hometown to visit and see a different world. I heard stories such as the woman who saved a chameleon lizard that couldn’t crawl. I heard about a friend helping her friend to come out of the rut that fear had created. I met families and saw faces light up while they listened to the synopsis of Perfect Practice. With heart, these folks shared their observation, “You are changing peoples’ lives!“ How could they know, if not simply and poetically through the message of the heart?

Open Hearts, Open Arms

My mind stepped down from the task of “trying to be” during these interactions. I sincerely offered my heart with open arms and they came with their willingness for change. This is the adventure of the soul.

little girl petting the horse I know that at this point in the timeline of humanity that our choices are becoming more and more clear. We are seeing a solid line between past and present. No more is it hip to separate and divide. The time of “us and them“ is coming to an end.

I saw my reflection in the faces I met. I saw innocence and fear, wonder and awe. I saw gentleness and grace. I saw the human condition traveling down Main Street. But more than any other site I saw the one heart that moves the many lifetimes.

As I write, it is early morning, my dog Scout follows my horse Far Go for a walk into the sunlight. They meander along as friends, predator and prey does not equate. They find a sunny spot and listen, feeling the warmth of the sun. They share in the same moment, hear the same birds, feel the same peace. The oneness sensed at this moment is representative of all moments, though greatly overlooked by the mind. The mind separates and divides, the heart joins in peace.

Today I recall, that separation is but an illusion of the mind. I return to the heart of life and find the many faces of humanity joining me in this simple and divinely sunlit moment.

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