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I Wish to Serve the Infinite

Why do I spend so much time on these early developmental stage tasks?

Well… I would like to say that it’s all for the horse. And the greater part certainly is. But the bonus that I’m getting is in understanding how effective the learning process can be when allowed a natural progression. This cannot be conveyed by mere value. It is literally life-changing. It’s paradigm breaking. And it’s mind blowing.

From trailering to trail riding, the first time up or the first time out, all this can be done in a manner that has only beneficial effects on the horse and on the partnership.

The real question is how bad do you want it?

This has been a question that the powers that be have posed to me throughout my lifetime. As a heart-led, passionate, student of the soul, I have always reached for a deeper value in my life lessons. And none more-so than in my horsemanship.

This is because my horsemanship has guided my life. It has cracked me wide open in the most profound ways. The only thing that held me back was when I didn’t realize there was another way. There were so many decades I spent studying what to do, without ever understanding the real purpose of it.

Why was I trying so hard. What was it I truly wanted to achieve? And after many years of searching I realized all that I truly wanted was unity. Then I came to see that my knowledge had stood in the way of it.

The knowledge was important. But, I got lost when I lost sight of the source of my intention. I got caught in the snare of performance, of trying to be good enough.

Of course, if you’re going to work with horses, you have to have a certain amount of knowledge. We need knowledge in everyday life. The trip-up comes when we keep striving for the knowledge, and lose sight of the holy grail.

We lose sight of our own essence. We lose track of the source that called us. This is when acquiring knowledge comes to a fork in the road. It can then often, take us down an opposing path from what we originally intended.

At its essence, true intention does not come from the mind, but from life itself.

The intention of unity is the original universal law.

This intention was what had sent my heart ablaze. Now I see, with Grace, that all I do is not separate from this desire. And that each thing I do is connected to the next experience and the next and so on. My life’s work shifted the moment this little baby filly stepped off the trailer and into my world.

Now I see WITH Grace.

All our experiences are a cohesive formula for our combined greater awareness. And this awareness expands and creates a kind of knowledge that is not lost to time. It does not become outdated or obsolete. This is very important.

I tell my clients if I give you something temporary fire me! Energy and heart spent on a knowledge that becomes obsolete is somewhat hollow. It serves… but it only serves a temporary existence.

Mary Corning serving the infinite trailering Grace

I wish to serve the infinite.

For example, with Grace we work together to find acceptance for those things that seem unnatural to her, such as getting in a trailer and hauling down the road, or heading out into the forest without the herd. (See example VIDEO).

I can sure see how I took these things for granted all those years past. And I can see the absolute benefit of breaking it down now to see the true value in it all.

With each success, we develop a greater confidence and that positive enlightened state is what expands our awareness and in turn creates the life we live together.

This is a process of expansion, not of control.

The two are completely opposing experiences, with very different outcomes.

This is true confidence not temporary condition-based learning. We are making confidence a way of life. And we do this by keeping it simple. Not by speeding ahead to some temporary task that would lose its meaning in the next moment. Or even worse, could create a lasting fear that may or may not ever be resolved.

Can you see the benefit of this kind of education? Can you see how it would fit into our world, shifting the entire format and foundation of humanity?

I can.
And Grace can.

All that each individual can do is clean up their little piece of real estate. This life we are given is ours to formulate and we do so from our intention. The question is simple… Do we operate from Love or fear?

Do we see that all is provided or do we see what lacks? Do we see beauty or do we see pain? Do we see the horse? Or do we see what we think the horse should be?

All of these inquiries point to the source we are drawing from. And Grace and I are simply here to stand in testimony of the beautiful nature of things. We wish to show how poetically life evolves when we trust in it. When we let go of thinking we know better than… and when we look inside for our peace.

Life is a miracle in and of itself. Let’s have a look and a listen and see how we can be of full support in this natural and amazing process.


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