In Goodness and in Grace

Today was gratifying on multiple levels. I’ve been helping my dear friend, Gretchen and her gorgeous horse Smoky find just the right blend to support one another through some acquired resistance.
They have come through this process with shear dedication to each other. They both had to overcome habit and perspective. They had to have patience and presence. And they had to put the relationship above all else. They could not hasten this process. For they were up against nothing short of the dissolution of delusion. In other words, we had some ghosts to slay. Gretchen brought her whole heart. And Smoky called her bet and rose to meet her.
There is little in my world that feels more real and more true than when a human and a horse are willing to come together to build a bridge of unity.
Gretchen and Smoky stand as testimony to the heart of horsemanship. Of true horsemanship that will not take hostage or settle for sacrifice. But instead invest in union by allowing the truth to be expressed honestly without agenda.
Today was the realization of all that and so much more. I tip my hat to these friends of mine.
To Gretchen and Smoky may you always feel the joy in your hearts that you felt today. And may you see that when the Source of Life is also the source of your choice, there is love. And where there is Love there is faith. And may this faith be the bridge on which you trod, in goodness and in Grace.

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