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It’s all about Grace

Recently, I had what I call a pop quiz. With the onset of spring and many plans for summer I found myself fast tracking to the next.

“The next” is such a slippery slope. And one that often initiates unconscious conditioning.

What I mean to say is Grace has taught me how to be here now. It’s just that simple.

For decades of my past, I would ride my horses with the idea of what we would do next. There was always another clinic, camp out, or mountain to look toward.

The day that Grace stepped off the trailer and into my life, something happened to me. I can’t say what it was, but it really changed how I saw horsemanship.

For many years horsemanship taught me how to shift the way I see life. But now I think the way I live my life has changed how I see horsemanship. The two are such a great combination for self-awareness.

So as I scheduled our summer and made dates to ride in a clinic and planned to go places, I started forgetting Grace.

I realized through a difficult situation that I was leaving her in the dust.

Recently Grace started showing signs of difficulty during saddling. This got increasingly worse until finally I took her to a specialist. That in itself was another opportunity to see clearly. But that’s another story.

Nonetheless the day that I thought she was seriously lame, I literally wept for the “what ifs?”.

I felt disappointment.

I have never felt disappointment in any of my experiences while bringing Grace along. This is mainly because I don’t have an agenda.

I often quip, “If I don’t have an agenda I cannot fail”.

But now with these physical unknowns, there became a question about all my plans for the summer! I wondered… and even catastrophized about our future. This was the pop quiz and it brought me to my surrender once again.

The very next day I woke to see things differently. The very next day I remembered…

This is all about Grace.

My life with her is such a blessing and it has nothing to do with where we go or what we do. It is about the relationship.

Soon after I surrendered myself to what is, I began to see things much more clearly. Now I have some ideas of what I had been missing. Now I am realizing things like strong hormonal changes that absolutely affect the body, mind, and spirit.

And as I slowed down, and even backed up she started to improve. No different than when we transition through any other maturing processes.

Now I see the slippery slope of projection clouded my expanded observation.

But once I was shaken awake again I could see things differently. I had to come back to neutral and see life for what is right here right now. And with that I gained so much more knowledge about Grace, and about myself.

The moral to the story is that projecting our lives into some distant future or some concocted agenda is what takes us out of our life.

The future is always… and I do mean ALWAYS, uncertain. We never know what the new day will bring. And that is by divine design.

Life is about grace.

I am home again in the heart of it all. And there’s nowhere I’d rather be.


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