Just Go With It

Just Go With It

Circle around. I have a story to tell.

Tonight on my shopping extravaganza for Scout’s toy basket I was finishing checking out when I realized I needed to pay with a different debit card. – For some reason the card wouldn’t run as a visa and was asking for a pin. I didn’t have a pin for it. The store was packed with 4-5 people at every lane. The checker was saying she had to call the manager. It all happened so fast – I was feeling pretty humble. The man who was right behind me in line stepped up – and in a quiet, peaceful and gentle tone asked if he could pay for my groceries (IE all those dog toys. ☺️). I said “oh no! It’s too much – $62!!!” He kindly said the same thing happened to him the other day. The checker was getting anxious and all the people were watching. Talk about a fish bowl experience!!!

Finally he stepped up to the card reader with his card in hand – leaned over looked me right in the eye and said “Just go with it.” So I did. I shook his hand, and asked his Name. He said “Peter”. I said “Peter, you are the nicest man I never met.“

Life is but a dream my friends. Spread the love around. Be like Peter says. And just “Go with it.”

Peace, Compassion, Wisdom  ~M~

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