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I have watched as humanity complicates life. Life itself is divinely simple. Emotions, reactions, thoughts, the body, relationships… all these things become complex. But Life (truth) is simple.

This may seem foreign to those who have not yet differentiated the life force from the life Source. In fact for a great majority on the planet life force is Life. The action of life is confused as the source of the action. This is a subtle but massive difference.

Horses have always been a huge window into life for me. As has nature. I am a watcher of both. It’s very evident the difference between man and nature when it comes to the source of their actions.

Man prides himself on his intellect. And because of that thinks he knows about life. Though in my observations I see that the pride actually puts man, just a step behind the truth, that is ever present in life. When man thinks he knows he confines himself to that knowing.

To define is to confine

Man’s intellect is enormous and nothing simultaneously. We can think we know something. And plan our life accordingly. Then some catastrophic change occurs and we realize we knew nothing of it. One of my favorite quips is “I didn’t see that coming”.

With horses and in personal work I often hear the phrase “All of a sudden “. It’s quite funny really. Because that is a great way to see life “All of a sudden”. Every moment fresh. But the reason “all of a sudden” has a negative feel is because the mind was surprised. The mind thought it knew.

This past winter we were invited to display our book at a wonderful event. The Equus Film Art and Literature festival was being held about 10 hours south of us. It was the first of December and we were excited to visit the lovely accommodations and celebrate the book we love so much. We arranged to be gone which took a lot of planning we got a horse/house sitter, took time from work, booked the hotel, etc.

Right at the last minute both my husband and I were hit with a severe virus, and then there was a snowstorm with 50 mph winds in the mountain pass we had to travel. After months of planning, and expenses, there we were marooned.
I looked to my husband and said “So what changed?” All these plans changed nothing. They had no impact on our life. We thought we knew but we didn’t know.

I have referred to this experience many times since. It was a great wake up call. As I visit with people the majority of the early conversations are based in thought. What they think is the problem, what they want, and what they feel is the cause. They typically come to me wanting change.

I often say, “Pain brings them in. Joy brings them back”.

I feel strongly that I wish to be part of the cure not part of the cause of more thinking. I am in the business of blowing minds. And this is not something everyone is ready for. It requires letting go of what we think we know. In my book Perfect Practice I call the dependency on knowing as “Leaning on a curtain”.

I wish to show, beyond a shadow of a doubt that when we free ourselves from our beliefs about life, we soon embrace the Source of it. And once as the source we no longer need force. We can see with a perspective of truth.

My teacher says, “What you feel is true. But what you feel is not truth”.

This is a very important differentiation. Truth is unchanging. Feelings are in constant flux. Is it any wonder it often seems like a smoke and mirror life? We rely on WHAT we see rather than on our own gift of vision.

I wish to bring this type of reflection to the world I influence. We all influence the world we touch. But as it is said, “There is one earth, there are billions of worlds”. Our world is what we make it out to be.

But when we lay down our thoughts, labels, comparisons, opinions, judgments and fears, we begin to see truth in nature— in the natural essence of life.

I stand in testimony of this vision. I share to tempt the un-temptable. I offer air to the confinement. I simply say what I see. The rest is up to the rest. It is not up to me.

And that is very good news!


If this blog resonates with you, please consider reading my book Perfect Practice. You can read an excerpt from the book HERE.

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