Mary Corning live from what is real

Live from what is Real

I knew that I wanted a feeling of peace. But I was still of the mind-set that I had to fight to get it.
To overcome fear we must first cultivate the ability to see truth.
Nothing leaves its source.
Life offers truth and it offers reflection.
Do we know the difference?
Which do we choose as our true source?
Peace is not conditional. It cannot fluctuate and be real.
The most vital lesson we can realize is to consciously understand what is real and to release the dependency on what is false.
This need not be a deep philosophical inquiry. It is simple to see the difference when given the proper direction.
What is real is constant. What is false is reflection. Reflection is imagery.
If we look into a mirror what we see looking back is not who we are. It is merely a reflection. If the glass is warped, so will be the image.
This is a metaphor for understanding the source of our life. Our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, reactions, and perceptions are reflections! Is our glass warped?
We got lost when we believed in the changeful images of our reflection as who and what we are.
We call this our identity. Or, as it has been said, “The I entity.” The one we believe ourselves to be. The one we call “I”.
Here’s where we lost sight of the truth and began living from the false. Living from an unstable reflection caused us great fear and created our dependency on control.
We lost sight of peace. And peace is what all sentient beings naturally desire.
It is very simple to see once we understand. Breaking the habit of relating from the false as if it were real is our ultimate challenge.
To live in peace we must overcome fear. To overcome fear we must have the ability to see peace as truth not as a condition, not as a reflection.
This requires a simple yet profound shift of our realization— of self-realization.
This is our time. This is our chance. Let us recover our true wealth and bring it to the world. Let us know with certainty our birthright—true and unwavering peace.
I stand for peace as truth.

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