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Lost in Our Doings

For the most part our lives are filled with doings. Endless lists of chores, appointments, things to get and places to go. We can easily get lost in our doings.

The simplest thing anyone can “do”, is to be. That doesn’t mean it’s easy, it simply means it is uncomplicated. To “be” aware of the heart within, while hurrying about our business is known as hurrying slowly.

The heart is ageless, tireless and free. It’s at the root of our being. One may call it consciousness, presence or awareness. I call it love. But no matter what you choose to label it, it never labels you.

The heart is where non-judgment resides. Fear resides within judgment. To begin to release the stress in our lives we must be willing to step into another perspective. This new perspective offers us a refreshing and vitalizing choice from the habitual practice of fear.

Judgment and fear are of the mind, and the body will follow where it is led. When we practice the art of awareness each day, we bring forward this perfect, beautiful constant from within our depths and life takes on a new light.

Perfect practice is being present about everything we are in all that we do

The practice of perfect presence is a process. Like any shift in behavior, or thinking, it is best accomplished through inspired dedication. This is not another “should” to add to our list. It is freedom. The habituated mind will want to convince us that it can’t be done or it’s too hard.

Truly, the shift it is not difficult. The difficulty is in the exhausting patterns of the mind. The mind will make it seem difficult. That is okay, we can just begin again. Like anything else we want to learn we accept defeat to gain success. And the good news is there is no defeat in this process. Each step is forward. Backwards is simply where we already are. We have nothing to lose and literally everything to gain. With this shift in perspective we can change our world.

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