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One of the many things I have learned at this stage of the game is that maturity is not necessarily a learned subject.

Maturity comes differently for everyone. And it especially does for horses.

This is one area where human evolution can really benefit from coexisting with those species whose natural rhythm has not been completely thrown off by man’s influence.

I said recently in an essay that “I love Grace more than I love my thoughts.” This statement has resonated and percolated since I wrote it. There is so much to see when we stop believing we know.

Starting a colt in my 60’s has been the highlight of my life with horses. And not just any colt. Grace was delivered into my life through grace. That is a story within itself. But one for another time.

The moment she stepped off the trailer and into my life here, my world changed. All my perceptions of right and wrong became like dust in the wind. I started anew.

I never birthed children but I’m guessing this type of mind-blowing experience could happen when a woman gives birth. Suddenly, there is something more important than thought.

As Grace and I have travelled the vast plain of uniting in the most profound ways, she has taught me more than I could ever teach her. But I had to be willing to learn. And…

To learn we must be willing to let go of what we think we know.

Now as Grace and I mature together I see a very different rhythm in maturation. It has a lifeline all its own. There have been times when I questioned everything we were doing together.

For instance…
After my first few short rides on her, one day she simply wouldn’t move. I kicked, and nudged and clucked but her answer was a hard no. In fact, she actually bent her neck clear around to look me in the eye when she said it.

In my past, I would not have settled for no. I would have insisted. And subsequently I would have made a conflict out of a pivotal moment in our relationship. Instead, this time I waited.

I waited for days. I continued to ask by using my legs or my voice, but when no was the answer, I agreed to wait longer.

I can’t begin to tell you what thoughts went through my mind as I waited. I questioned my entire existence with her.

My worthiness, my abilities, my choices, all were in question. I did a deep personal inquiry during that 7 day trial.

And, I am here to share it was time well spent. The day that it was her idea to move she moved with a faith in me that remains in her today.

I still use the awareness of selfless partnership in each phase of Grace’s and my process of evolution. And with that are gifts that are indescribable.

Grace reaches for learning because it feels good to grow. Yet in the areas that challenge us both we simply allow a natural rhythm that comes from mutual respect .

I have come to believe that many horses are started and asked to perform long before they are mature enough to succeed holistically. It’s the same, I feel with children.

I married and became a step mom at 50. Never having raised children I had nothing to pull from. Which in this case was a great thing! Of course I had opinions but no real authority. So I acquiesced to my husband’s way of raising children.

He was very liberal when it came to rules and regulations. Sometimes it was really challenging for me to stand down. But most often I watched the effectiveness of his love.

Now our youngest lives with us. He is 19. And still at 19 I’m watching him mature into a brilliant philosopher and an effective human being.

He and Grace have a lot in common. The depths of their wisdom has been allowed to surface in their own unique and beautiful nature. I don’t think that this is a mere coincidence. I feel that grace has influenced their lives, because it can. No one was in the way of it.

This is not to say there hasn’t been a loving guidance that has held the process. Just the opposite.

The loving guidance has been the forefront of the process. The overly structured mind and difference in perspective, never got in the way to dilute it.

Maturity is a natural attribute of life. Everything is growing and everything is changing. Man’s idea of control is preposterous. But the opportunity through contrast in releasing the constrictions of authority offers a brand new world.

As it is stated in The Course in Miracles, “By grace, I live and by grace, I am released.“

So are the greatest of life’s journeys cultivated in love.

Please do not confuse this innate awareness with the passivity of the mind. It is anything but that. Passivity is the opposite of aggression. And, it comes from the same source.

What I speak of is true faith. Faith in something greater than ourselves. Faith is the source. It is Love. But not the love of the mind. It is Love of the life force. Love that is creation. It is the greatest thing we can realize. Greater than any thought produced mechanism.

It’s a great challenge to share in words, what mere words cannot convey. But I hope in sharing the experience that glimpses of another way might seep in. And that, if nothing else, it offers the question…

Is my life lived in grace?

Can I feel the release by simply allowing my thoughts to take a backseat to truth.

Truth is unchanging, unwavering, endless, and real.

Just a brief glimpse is enough to know grace. And this glimpse can change the world in which we live.

Grace and I stand in testimony.


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