Mary Corning nothing leaves its source

Nothing Leaves its Source

Perfect Practice
“Nothing leaves its source”

The term perfect practice can really stimulate unease if the source of common practice is a dualistic mind.

So many, if not the majority of people strive to be the best they can be, yet in the mind, we seem to always fall just a bit short.
I often share the tragic story of Whitney Houston. A talented, gorgeous, inspired individual who never quite felt that she was enough. This was sadly her demise. As it is with so many.
Why then, is this title so important to share? Why would we want to point out the realization that we can never be perfect? Why bother even trying to practice?
Life, with all its highs and lows, is here to show that the changeful is indeed inconsistent. But that is not all there is to life.
For us to recognize the changeful we must be seeing from a neutral perspective.
Read that again slowly:
For  us  to  recognize  the  changeful  we  must  be seeing  from  a  neutral  perspective.
How would we know that things are changing if we (the observer of change) were also changing? Our awareness is neutral. It is our thoughts, feelings, opinions and perceptions that change.
So what’s this got to do with Perfect Practice?
That which does not change, has no opposite, no need, no levels, and is unwavering as perfection. And that… is the source of our awareness.
Perfect Practice is not a doing, as much as it is becoming aware of awareness and directing our attention there. This then becomes the source of our actions, rather than the source being the ever-changing mind.
This is the most important shift we can make. For as long as we are identified… meaning we think that who we are is how we think, feel, and react, we will struggle with life. Life being nature.
I have shared with folks for over 25 years that the horse (nature) is not the problem. How we see the problem is the problem.
Once we see clearly from the true source of all nature we begin to blend and work with the nature of life. Rather than against it.
This does not mean we are absolved of pain and difficulty. But it does mean we are much more effective at moving through the changeful patterns of highs and lows, joy and sorrow, wealth and poverty.
We are in this world not of it!
Nothing leaves its source!
So when we believe we are right, we most certainly will be faced with the flip side of the coin— being wrong. If we feel we are enough, we will also feel inadequate. This is the world of polarity. It is the realm of the mind.
The mind is not “wrong”. It simply has a job to do, which involves sorting things out. It is brilliant at compartmentalizing, finding weakness, vulnerability, strengths and attributes. All of this to help the body (the person) remain safe.
Its job is survival. It’s only compromised when it thinks that it is chief rather than a chief correspondent. Its job is to report. But somewhere there was an insurrection.
Now we can see this play out in our individual lives and in the entirety of the human race.
So we see that the practice of relying on the mind as the source of our life is what was once called “The fall from grace”.
This does not mean that grace was compromised in any way. It simply means we lost track of our true essence and all the idiot lights are flaring up to show us, it’s time to come home.
Perfect practice can be realized in this moment. It takes no time, no effort, no investment or even education. It simply takes the realization of our true nature.
And this is why horses respond so beautifully to it. Horses are nature. They know when they are met by an unreliable source.
For those of us fortunate enough to be in relationship with horses we have a great gift that can lead us home. For others there are fortunately many pathways. The one common thread I call love.
The things we love to do, the areas of inspiration, the talents or gifts we’ve been given, all are pointers to redirect our path. To redirect our attention.
The changeful surface of life is like the waves on water. No one would say that the wave of the ocean is separate from the ocean. No one would say that when the wave makes it to shore and gently returns to its source that it is over forever. The expression of the water as a wave is simply seen and felt. It does not mean that it was separate from its source.
This is possibly the most important lesson of life.
Returning home is realizing the temporary wave in no way diminishes the perfection of the ocean.
Perfect practice is being, living, breathing, and seeing from our divine and unchanging source.
This is not complex. It is not difficult. It is simply a shift of focus.
Miracles are natural. We can allow our life to be miraculous.

If this blog resonates with you, please consider reading my book Perfect Practice. You can read an excerpt from the book HERE.

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