Mary Corning Perceptions change

Perceptions Change, Truth Remains

What freedom there is in letting go of the ideas that our perceptions are truth.
Oh what a release for the mind, body and soul.
Each one of us sees from a veiled perspective. These veils were laid upon our vision by our reactions and beliefs. They separate us from each other, and from the ultimate beauty our earth patiently offers.
What an incredible experience to begin to see unveiled, the simple truth of perfect harmony. To lay down the fear of scarcity, inadequacy, impermanence, and separation.
To attempt to write of such things can only be shared through metaphor. One can only experience this for oneself. No one can lead us there or even teach us “how to”. Because truly, there is no how to be who we ultimately already are. It can only be realized.
We can, however, begin to understand what not to do. We can see what gets in the way— what forms that barrier in front of our natural awareness. This becomes clear when we begin to see perceptions are not truth.
Perceptions change, truth remains.
Having written a book where I shared my journey of realizing the difference between perceptions and truth, I am always so pleased to go back and read the pages that I wrote 5 years ago.
My life situations have changed dramatically, but what I shared in the book stands true. I would change nothing. This is a very good barometer.
I feel this is what humanity’s purpose is for. To live from the unchanging with the ability to perceive the changeful. It’s vital to realize the difference here.
We have gotten lost in believing the changeful is worthy of debate. We fight for our beliefs. Even at the ultimate loss of life.
My constant mantra is “Nothing leaves its source.“ When we share and live from an unchanging source, then fear is a temporary response to environment. It is not a way of life.
When we fight and believe that our perceptions are truth we separate from each other and from that truth itself. In this separation we become lost in the abyss. We lose ourselves.
What joy to know without exception that this is simply contrived through a very minuscule part of who we are— the mind.
Let the mind serve the truth. Let creativity blossom from the source of its creator.
Yesterday I had ideas that I would ride down the road on my horse and my friend came to ride along with us. Even as I was saddling, I could tell there was something different about my Grace. When I got on, she felt very tense and unbalanced. As she was moving out, her whole body was noticeably crooked.

Mary Corning Truth remains

The last time I rode her it didn’t feel like she had a body at all. We were sailing. So I observed and attempted to support her to loosen up and relax. She gave me her mind but she never really let down. I rubbed her neck and told my friend “I’m not going to take her out today.”

This was a shocking perception even to myself. In my past, I wouldn’t have thought of such a thing. I would’ve wanted it to be my way. I had plans. I had ideas of what we would do. And my horse would just have to come along like it or not. What came next was heartwarming.

As I sat on her back, in the arena and visited with my friend, I simply rubbed my horse’s neck. I said “There’s nothing more important than her well-being. We have the rest of our lives to ride down the road. The most important thing I can do is honor my horse.“

Just then Grace bent her neck to enable looking me right in the eye. The feeling I experienced was intense. I’ll never forget it. My friend went on home and I went in for lunch.

This experience taught me much more than what’s helpful to my horse. It taught me what I wish to live in this lifetime.

In that moment, I lived from a different source than my mind’s ideas of should. Naturally, within the bond of my heart-horse, I experienced letting go of my beliefs and the love was free to be. Nothing could be more real…more true.

This isn’t the first time I have experienced this with Grace. But with each time it becomes much greater and much easier to recognize. My expanded nature is coming more and more to the surface. My own true nature allowed to be, by seeing it in in my horse.

Removing the mind and all its “to dos”, lists, agendas, and most of all ideas of right and wrong, brings me home to the perfect consistent, harmonious life that I was originally given.

“There is one earth but there are billions of worlds.“ -Mooji

We can peel the veil, not only of our mind but on our world and begin to see what is true, real and everlasting.

And with this— fear diminishes into a simple emotional response. It no longer has its hold (and along with it ) its control on our life or on our world.

When fear is removed, all that is left is love.

And Love is truth.

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