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Ray Hunt Memorial Day

Yesterday was Ray Hunt Memorial Day. As I looked through hundreds of photographic memories, I saw many versions of myself and of Ray.
It reminded me of the precious journey that we all are on. Sometimes our paths intertwine with those who make a lasting impression on us. And sometimes we make our impression on others.
We’re not living in a bubble. We are all connected. Ray showed me so much more than horsemanship. Ray showed the most unwavering dedication I’ve ever seen in a person.
I believe everyone has a calling. Although sometimes we don’t know what that is for a long, long time. I sure didn’t. But I always felt it in my heart.
Ray brought my heart to the surface. Not only in the form of my education, but he set the standard for the expression of it. He demonstrated heart.
In Perfect Practice I wrote:
“Ray saw the horse as a horse—not as good or bad. Through this, I saw myself for the first time. Ray set the bar high for me. I began to understand there was freedom in not settling for less than perfect practice.”
After pining through years of photographs, I then went out to ride my horse. I consider Grace Ray’s granddaughter. Because she came through a very special mare that Ray had.
In this particular ride my mare Grace was feeling a lot of life. But it was tight. It wasn’t flowing from heart. I decided to use the tools that Ray offered me all those years ago.
I worked on a soft feel. I asked Grace to move out at the walk. And then we slowed it down. In this most simple and uncomplicated exercise, I watched my horse start to feel of me. She then let out several releasing breaths. In the end of the ride, she was licking her lips and moving with ease.
As I put Grace up and walked into the tack room, I was heart-swept by what I saw. There on the door is a poster from a photo I took of Ray many Mary’s ago. And right above that poster was an incredible rainbow. It stopped me in my tracks.
Sometimes things aren’t what they seem. And if you ask me, they are never what they seem.
The one thing that every human being on the planet will experience is also the one thing that is a mystery to us all. The idea of the death of the body seems all encompassing to many. But I know in my heart that Ray has never left me. It is only I who would leave him should I forget to ”feel”.
This is not the first time I’ve experienced a closer connection to those I love, after their crossing. I write about this several times within the book.
Our spirit cannot be contained by this form. The form is simply a vehicle from which to express.
The truth that is beyond all understanding is the most simple and profound teaching on the planet. But we must be willing to look. Seekers find. And I’m so grateful every day to have my beloved teacher within my heart.
Feel is Life.
Thought is a tool for expressing feel. Somewhere it would seem we got that backwards. But when we turn it back around, we see a very different version of ourselves, our lives and of others.
The shift occurs and a new world is born.
Ray Hunt offered a shift of perspective. He offered another way to see. He was steadfast in his offering. And I will, forever more be steadfast in mine.
May the doors of truth open and shine on us all. May we find another way to see. In this complete shift we find the rainbow’s end and all the gold that is waiting there.

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