" Our life comes under the control of one or the other - presence in love or escape in fear. Perfect Practice offers us hope by defining the wisdom that pain offers. This wisdom brings with it freedom from our own fearful thoughts."

Ken Kornelis PhD, Psychologist
"This book is one woman’s journey, and I find it profound."
Carolyn Hunt, Legacy of Legends

"So perfect and apropos in so many ways, Mary. Last night, I finished reading your book. I arrived at its end, page 228. But course, the end of my first reading is really the beginning of my second reading . . . just as my first reading of True Unity and Think Harmony with Horses was the beginning of countless, innumerable subsequent readings and continues to be - so it will be with Perfect Practice. Your book is reverently placed on my shelf next to those two - good and fine insightful reading about horses - about life. After all, they're really the same to those who "get it"."

Your Friend, JWW
"Perfect Practice offers a simple philosophy for living that reunites us with our own authenticity so we gain acceptance for ourselves and for others. This is an excellent book for horse lovers as it gives practical application to the lessons we all learn from our horses and applies them to our own personal lives."
"As a coach, speaker and writer Mary Corning is a storyteller of the first rate. I invited her to speak with my team of corporate recruiters about the art of influencing others, and for 90 minutes she had them actively engaged in exploring concepts of speaking truth in uncomfortable situations. Through it all Mary demonstrated her exceptional sense of humor, listening skills, and ability to ask questions that go right to the heart of the matter. It was an inspiring team meeting - one of our best!"
Claudia Faust, Director of Talent Acquisition, Providence St. Joseph Health
"An extraordinary and life enhancing read that is as thoughtful and insightful as it is 'real world practical' and inspiring, Perfect Practice: A Philosophy for Living an Authentic and Transparent Life will prove to be an immediate and enduringly popular addition to community library Self-Help/Self-Improvement collections. Exceptionally well written, organized and presented, it should be noted for personal reading lists that Perfect Practice is also available in a digital book format (Kindle, $9.99)."
Midwest Book Review
"This book draws on the author's experience in working with horses to better understand pain, purpose and conflict and with such observation, she shares insights of which I loved the section on fear and how with time and focus one can best handle their fear by approaching it as curiosity. I loved that.
If you are also an animal lover, and in particular horses, then you could learn a thing or two by reading this book."
Dora Archie O., Book Reviewer
"The book touched me so deeply; it is beautifully written. So vulnerable and honest and conscious. What a beautiful and wise teacher you have become. I loved getting to know you even more through reading your book. Thank you for letting “us” (your readers) see you and learn from you. What a gift you are! What a gift you are to me."
Lisa Maeckel, LPC, CHT.
"I usually tear back home from Sam’s store and then attack “my list” for the day. Well that didn’t happen, I sat down to read your introduction and got up several hours later. Dear heart, it is lovely, it is important, it unfolds gently with your message on surrender, acceptance and awareness, I love it."
Claudia Haag, Retired Health Care Practitioner
"What an interesting book. The author opens up about her life with horses. and through it teaches you how you can change. How changing your reactions and responses will change your surroundings and you. You can read this book several times and learn new things every time."
Christine Donahue, (5-Star Amazon Review)
"The imagery in this book is vivid and the ideas paradigm shifting. Once I began reading, it was hard to put down."
Kim Welsh, Upward Rise
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