Leave Force to Find the Source

Self Regulation: Leave Force to Find the Source

The mind has so much more to do with physical flow than we realize. Releasing conflict can change our bodies in ways that we could never imagine.

We are so quick to go to doctors and therapists to help our aching bodies. In my experience, the taproot of resistance often comes from the mind. I can see it in my horse when she doesn’t understand and she’s confused. I can feel it when I ride Grace and she’s moving and suddenly suspicious of some thing outside of her and the movement stops. I feel the difference when she’s floating freely or when each step is forced. And I know that this is coming from her mind.

The other night as I was on Grace I was wondering how would I describe what I sensed she was feeling? This is what I call empathy. When we deeply and truly want to know how the other person feels. We want to know because we know we’re connected. We know that the dance that we are living in this life is not a solitary experience.

As I was clearing my thoughts and really feeling my horse, a word came to mind that I have not considered in horsemanship before. The word that I felt was suspicious. It felt that my horse was suspicious. And as I looked inside, I realized that’s probably how I felt too. I was suspicious of her suspicion.

I decided that this very sensitive and brilliant mind that I was riding was there to show me how to bring a greater level of trust and well-being into each step. I want us both to be able to flow without resistance. And I know enough to know that if the physical flow is impeded, there is a taproot of resistance in the mind.

Last night I decided to go back to the ground work, and see if I could claim some insight to helping the natural flow. And insight I received.

The insight I realized was consistency. I needed to be consistent without judgment. When I would simply ask, And allow her to have the time and the space to understand the flow returned. But this is not a monologue. It was my responsibility to be confident and to leave well enough alone when she was doing her part.

The beauty I see when communication is minimal and understanding is expressed, is what I feel is at the root of our nature.

As we move about this planet, bumping into each other, having relationships, learning, growing, and hopefully evolving we are presented with these lessons that make us better people. My greatest guru is my horse. I’m so grateful for Grace.

The take away in this is when the body feels constricted and natural wellbeing is lost, look in the mind for the root. Is there a belief? A thought that is creating suspicion? Is there a pattern of resistance? A familiar response to meet life in defense.

If so, back up. Begin again. Find the sweet spot and observe. My teacher would say “Don’t ride through something bad to try to come out good”. Whether it’s horses or life experiences, we can learn to remove suspicious resistance and see and feel within our own experience, a much greater power, than force. We can leave force and find the Source. Thanks be to Grace for her honest reflection.

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