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My job as your personal life coach is to point you in a direction of finding your own truth. I have one job and that is, that you feel good. Our feelings are the barometer for our life. Our feelings check our pressure level and report accurately back what we need to know.

The Essence of Nature Retreat

Our Gaston, Oregon, retreat weekend at Hagg Lake offers deep self-realization. The essence of this
realization brings to the surface a renewed sense of well-being. You will have a direct experience that
will not be lost in time. What you will uncover and retain throughout the retreat is your own true nature.


As a speaker, Mary Corning introduces us to ourselves in a way that feels familiar and comforting. The philosophy is not complicated. It is indeed very simple. When we reunite with our own authenticity, we gain acceptance for ourselves and others.

Mary Corning On Speaker Stage
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