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As a successful mentor, writer, life consultant and equine behaviorist, Mary Corning shows her audiences that they can shift their perspective and change their world.

As a speaker, Mary Corning introduces us to ourselves in a way that feels familiar and comforting. The philosophy is not complicated. It is indeed very simple. When we reunite with our own authenticity, we gain acceptance for ourselves and others. Regardless of profession, family status, age or socio-economic level, the practice of acceptance offers an opportunity for deeper understanding. Our perspective is broadened and literally shifts how we see the world. This deeper understanding offers us the wisdom to make positive choices.

Mary shares this philosophy of living an authentic and transparent life through many topics including:

  • The Practice of Acceptance for Real and Lasting Change
  • Improving Difficult Relationships and Expanding Positive Ones
  • Shifting Fear to Curiosity to Identify Positive Choices when Fear is Present
  • Recognizing the Early Signals of Defensiveness Within Ourselves and Others
  • Defining the “Illogical Logicals.” Using the Psychological, Biological, and Sociological influences of the Human Condition as Tools, not as an Identity.
  • Releasing the Heavy load of Obligation and Creating Inspired Dedication

These are the components for living the life we are born to live, and they offer us freedom within it.

Book Mary for Your Next Event

Through keynote addresses, small group talks and presentations, workshops, conferences, and in retreat settings, Mary speaks to:

  • Women’s, Men’s and Couple’s Groups
  • Youth groups
  • Recovery Groups
  • Grief Support Groups
  • Civic Groups
  • Business Professionals

For more information or to book Mary for your group, conference, or event contact her today.

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