Mary Corning Beauty of Grace

The Beauty of Grace

The other day as I rode my horse I felt such appreciation for just being with her that I lost my mind.
It was a beautiful thing to lose.
All I wanted to do is spend some time with Grace.
That sentence… “Spend some time with Grace”. Even saying the words my breath slows. I feel a spaciousness and freedom.
I see in life and in horsemanship the beauty of grace. Grace is spacious, allowing, nurturing and ultimately fulfilling.
Grace is what happens when we stop controlling, persisting, and insisting. Grace is the natural, infinite wonder of love.
I know of no accomplishment, technique or man made ideal that can offer the sustenance of grace.
When I am open, and willing grace fills the space. When I am aware I realize there is no difference…no separation from myself and grace.
Grace is ever present. Though at times I get lost. I become the lists that my mind produces.
Now I catch myself as I’m fading into the trainer’s mind of life. When I’m thinking worlds ahead of what I’m living. When I project rather than reflect. Now I have the awareness to come home. And to know the value of space.
Grace cannot be taught, it can only be recognized. We cannot find it, we can only be it.
And as we unveil this ever-present, omnipresent natural grace we find we are home. There is nowhere to go, nothing to do. We are indeed fulfilled.
Life comes from grace. And grace takes care of life.
The idea that we are in control can easily be dispelled. We don’t create life. Life creates us. And when we recognize this subtle truth our burdens are released. The fear of being enough subsides. And we are free to live in wonder and in awe.

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