Mary Corning Miracle of Faith

The Miracle of Faith

Perhaps I should make a disclaimer. I don’t intend to mince words. When I visit with folks and throughout my teachings, when I rave about something, I truly mean what I say with the full impact given.

Most people trust this, because they also know when something is not working, I am not shy about speaking up and exposing that either.

So when I write a title such as “The Miracle of Faith” I truly mean it in every sense. I learned by going deeper into life’s core that Miracles are natural. It’s quite un natural when they are absent.

When a horse or a human transcends a lifetime of a fear-based perspective, it requires a faith beyond any intellectual concept to release that fear. Without exposure to a completely different perspective the trap can be permanently set. They must, by Grace, be reintroduced to their own innate freedom. This is my life’s work.

Bubba has been a masterful example of progressive fear. Although his life has been good, as far as horses go, he has packed an eruptive fear that stifles his ability to let down and enjoy the freedom his lifestyle provides.

We have probably all known people like this. It would seem they have everything going for them but they just can’t see it. They are trapped inside their own feelings of separation and inadequacy. All too often this ends in tragedy. I have seen this time and again in my own family, community and in the world at large.

I sometimes share the Whitney Houston story as an example of this. A beautiful, talented, love filled woman who could never feel the freedom she possessed. Sadly this story is a common one.

With Bubba, I was devoted to staying the course until he could carry his own. One way Bubba’s fear could be seen was that he could not lie down in confinement. Meaning when he was in the arena and the other horses were taking a sand bath or a lie down, he would want to, then tremble at the thought of it.

I realized this indicator quite sometime ago and began working with him to find the confidence to let down. I know I have learned as much as he has. And what Bubba taught me through his process has actually helped me in the personal work I do with people. For instance…

The Power of “No!”

As Bubba became aware of his resistance he would be willing to walk the threshold of it. I could encourage him, simply by presenting the opportunity to lie down, and he would show me he wanted to, by buckling at the knees and making an attempt. But then his insecurity would kick in strong.

His huge massive body would begin to shake and then he would stand straight up, and lick and chew in the relief of saying “No, I just can’t do this!” Because I had no rope on him, there was no force whatsoever, he always had this choice. As we worked that threshold he had more and more opportunities to test the water. But what I came to see was this—

He got relief not release!

Bubba was in an addictive pattern. Just like someone who needs a substance to relax or a condition to be happy, the “need” itself actually perpetuates the fear. We are literally feeding what we don’t want. I could clearly see that Bubba desired to lie down. But he got a relief when he made the decision not to.

This “relief” was not real because it was temporary. And the dependency made the fear perpetual. It is no different with people. Soon, instead of one glass of wine after work, we need two or then we “need” it (or something) every day in order to relax.

We never really resolve fear we progress it to dependency.

I was getting a higher education from the master. Because a horse is not able to talk his way out of a belief, any issues become apparent if someone is willing to look.

About a month ago Bubba found his true freedom. “True”, meaning it came from his innards. He made his own choice to, not only lie down with me beside him but to enjoy it fully. He rolled and dozed and remained relaxed for about 30 minutes.

I did notice however, that he wanted to sleep— to go flat and close his eyes. And this, he was not quite ready for. Realizing this, I knew there were more thresholds to cross.

Part of Bubbas enhanced trauma came from an altercation with a horseshoer several years back. After that experience, it took a lot of time and patience to get him comfortable having his feet trimmed. Fortunately I found a very compassionate man to take on that role.

Here’s where it gets amazing!

Just the other day, the horseshoer arrived in the barn and as usual all the horses were mingling. I had put Bubba and Poco in the arena while he trimmed the feet on Grace and Far Go. The Shoer and I got involved in a deep and meaningful conversation. Funny enough, it was about politics.

Politically our views are very different, yet our friendship is very transparent. I wanted to use the opportunity to ask about a known difference and do so with the willingness to understand rather than divide. I truly wanted to hear how my friend felt. And I truly cared.

It was a fascinating conversation, because my entire focus came from a source of love, not a source of difference (fear). As the conversation continued the discussion actually came to a place of unity. That’s remarkable enough, but wait… there’s more.

We didn’t agree on the details. My friend and I saw very different circumstances in the world. And even vast differences in what we felt could help resolve intense conflicts. But we agreed on one monumental point that, to me, is the crux and the core of all fear. We agreed that devision was at the root of the problem.

At the very essence of all the work I do with horses and humans I see that separation is “The fall from Grace”. The “Original sin”. And my friend and I walked through what could have been an intellectual battlefield and came out agreeing on the ultimate cause of war. We both agreed and saw the obvious. This is unity.

What does all this have to do with Bubba?

Just then Grace decided to lie down right next to the fence I was sitting on. This is not too surprising. Grace lives her name. Faith and love are lived as her true essence. She is natural Grace. But then a miracle happened…

Right then Bubba buckled at the knees. His whole body shaking in resistance. And he overcame it. He too let down and put down his defenses. He relaxed and accepted the world in that moment. Even with the shoer there trimming feet.

This was a miracle.

Being able to recognize miracles is the first step in living them.

I see miracles on a daily basis. As I say, it’s un natural when they don’t happen. The fear that Bubba was packing was un natural. He lives with me in paradise. It is only his memories (which are habitual thoughts) which also lead to habitual physical reactions that kept him in conflict. The good news is all this can be changed. A thought can be dissolved in Faith.

The miracle of faith is the miracle of life. I choose Life.

And now, so does Bubba.


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