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The Purpose of Chaos

The purpose of chaos is to teach peace.

In my book, Perfect Practice, I state “We cease being victims of life and all its fears when we realize that contrasting emotions can teach peace.”

All too often in this world of fixing things, and meeting schedules, or mending relationships, etc., we focus on the struggle and

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how to get out of it. We feel pain, either physically, emotionally, or mentally, and our goal then becomes how to stop the pain. We medicate to eradicate. But “the problem” isn’t the problem, the problem is what happened to cause the problem.

In our quest to cover up pain we have lost its purpose. Leaving only the struggle without the reward.

I am here to state clearly and unconditionally that when we are willing to slow the mind down and look deeper into our heart while experiencing pain, we can find a different path. And that pathway is freedom from the chaotic world of constantly changing details.  It is freedom from a fearful life.

The first step is the willingness to look for another way. My book illustrates clearly how that can be done, as well as the clear benefits that can come with the willingness to see that there is another way.

Perfect Practice, A Philosophy for Life is coming in March of 2019. Read an excerpt from the first chapter here.

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