The Rejuvenating Art of Renewal

Stepping back from the world of “ten thousand things” is a spiritual practice. This rejuvenating art of renewal is often upstaged by its adversaries — time and money.  Resting our minds soothes our bodies and it costs nothing. It is a practice we can implement anywhere at anytime. It is so important that we realize we can practice this throughout each day. A moment there, a pause here, a deep breath. We can easily weave these gaps into a busy life. It simply requires the consciousness to do it. Breaking old habits of hurrying takes practice.

Try it now.


Look, for a moment   at    the   space    between
the     words.

We can do this with our thoughts as well. We can slow them down and pause. There is a mindset that we have to carve out our busy schedules to attend a retreat or go on vacation in order to step out of the world and into our depths. All too often we become depleted long before time allows us our “breather”. Most of us truthfully, can’t afford to wait for refueling. We are running out of steam and our life is beckoning we return home.

When life seems to be controlling you rather than you creating your life, perhaps offer these simple phrases to a weary mind.

“This reaction has no meaning”

“I can hurry my feet without hurrying my mind”.

(And a personal favorite) “I am alright already”.

Whether you recite these words or create a mantra of your own, it’s important to feel them more than say them. Feel a sense of compassion as you rewrite the script in your mind. It’s a bit like soothing a youngster after a nightmare or quieting a barking dog. Offer a gentle voice inside your head to soften the resistant one. One mantra I adopted when training my puppy is  “There is nothing to guard.” If I sense defensiveness in myself. I find this awareness that I came to understand with my pup works equally well on myself. It quiets my mind and in turn quiets my body.

It is the practice that holds the value

Perfect practice it is not about an end goal or an outcome. It is the practice that holds the value. The practice retrains our minds to guide our actions from who we truly are, not who we think we should be.

The key to building a refueling station is that we step outside of our hurried  minds and guide them to a better path. That path is presence. Presence is how we can find consistent and lasting peace. It can even present peace in the midst of chaos. But we have to be able to identify it within ourselves. The world won’t bring it to us. We must bring it to our world.

Peace is possible and it brings our bodies back to balance. Fear tends to throw everything out of balance. It is meant to be a temporary response not a way of life. Practicing the retraining of our minds can bring peace to a chaotic world- the world of ten thousand things. There is another way and we can learn to choose it.

Learning to direct our minds and offer the clear guidance of consciousness is simply to uncomplicate our lives from the inside out. It is perfect practice.

Let’s not let another day pass and postpone our perfect practice. Now is the time to be who we truly are from our depths. Deep within behind the hurried mind we find the truth in our life and the perfect place that renews us.

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