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Today is a Good day to Come Home

Sharing my life with others simply comes natural to me. Whether it’s writing or visiting, my favorite subject is life. After all, this journey we are all on, whether we recognize it or not, is closely linked with each other’s experiences.
I have the great opportunity to really recognize this in my line of work. I speak with folks from all over the globe, every conceivable age, all religions, and yes, even political affiliations.
It takes no time at all to sift through the surface layer of the many details of life experiences and uncover this common bond. This bond is the undeniable, unwavering, beautiful, free essence that is the basis for life itself. And I am fortunate enough to visit with people from every walk of life to point out that they too possess this unending spark within them.
I love the look, feel and responses I get when the recognition is made. In some, it’s as if their eyes even change color. There skin gets brighter and a little Buddha smile finds the corners of their mouth.
I have also been fortunate enough to hear from folks who found this unified state within themselves from reading Perfect Practice or listening to a podcast.
In Perfect Practice I wrote a chapter about the difference between dedication and obligation. There is a definable sensation that arises when we make this shift in our lives.
Writing Perfect Practice took 5 years. The editing and publishing another year, with countless long hours of editing. But it was never a hardship. It was a joy.
Of course there were times I felt frustrated, exhausted, or confused. But I never for one moment wanted to be doing anything but what I was doing. I learned that with dedication comes the freedom of expression without wishing things were different than they are. In fact I quoted in the book that I felt that the cause of human suffering was just that—“Wishing things were different than they are.”
So now fast forward 4 years from our publication date. I still feel that every word and every message is timeless. I did not write about opinions, facts, figures, or technique. I wrote about life. And life at its essence does not change.
Form changes, situations change, but that spark I speak of continues eternally. And I have never met a sentient being that can’t recognize it when given the chance.
Just this morning I read a comment on my personal FB page from someone who had stumbled upon a podcast I had done with Warwick Schiller. That podcast introduced her to herself in such a profound way, that she reached through the ethers to tell me about it.
I feel that what Josephine shares in her message to me explains perfectly what this blog is about. And indeed what Perfect Practice is about.
She gave me permission to share it with you here. I do this with the hope that someone who may be feeling lost, alone, confused or isolated will gain a lift of hope and realize that in any moment of any day we may be free from the confines of our conditioning. And once and for all come home to our true essence, the loving, expansive nature of all life.
Here’s Josephine’s message:
“As Winston Churchill has said “the outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man” (or woman).
I just became your friend on FB. I took a chance because I listened to your podcast with Warwick who I have been a quiet disciple of for the last 4 years. His work (that I stumbled upon because of a difficult horse I had) has led me on an unimaginable journey into myself. It has taken me out of an abusive relationship and helped me thrive in a happy one, and even prompted a move to Florida and back to find my place in the world.
But yesterday listening to your podcast, I related your story so much to my own, and how you described how you learn through “absorption” rather than thinking. for some reason out of all the others he has, I sat on my kitchen floor and wept with relief because it was like your words were giving me permission to make some changes in my life I needed to make in order to follow my heart. For some reason your podcast with him was that last little shove I needed to really set myself free.
I feel we sometimes take for granted In this life what a profound impact we may have on someone’s life that we don’t even know at all…and though you don’t know me, that is the impact you have had, quietly. I am reading your book. And I am setting my soul free.
Thank god for horses, and for people like you and Warwick that ask and answer the hard questions”
Here’s the link to the podcast The Journey On Podcast where I visit with Warwick Schiller.

If this blog resonates with you, please consider reading my book Perfect Practice. You can read an excerpt from the book HERE.

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