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Walking Each Other Home

“Walking each other home” is a beautiful description of a vital message in my practice. I remember the feeling of comfort I felt when I read in The Course of Miracles that, no one gets left behind. This statement broke the paradigm that some shall falter. It soothed what may be called “The fear of God.”

Knowing that we are all in this together and that we can utilize our differences to evolve, is a perspective of love. Love just feels better to the mind, body and soul. It certainly feels better than war ever will and with natural flow it is far more effective. This is simple form to function. If there is one direct route to feeling separate, alone and defensive, it is the concept of “us and them.” Separation is hell. It is unnatural.

My greatest spiritual teachers were those people who judged me the harshest. When I felt a need to defend and my mind would go on-guard with its convincing stories of “injustice”, I would be called to remember my choices. These are the choices that taught me freedom.

There is no better place for Perfect Practice than in the throws of separation. Separation is when and where we can do our most significant work. The result of that inward dedication and practice is simply our own inner freedom.

This is not the freedom that the world promotes by way of war. This is freedom through unity. And with unity  as an attribute – there is no longer a need for freedom. Escape becomes obsolete.

walking through forest together with Ram Dass quote

“Walking each other home” is what our world needs now. This is perfect perspective for the new decade.

Please join me, if you will. We can make a difference in our world and it starts within our own perspective.

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