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When You Shift Perspective

“We can shift our perspective and change our world. “

I don’t say this lightly. It is the foundation for my work. What does it involve? Simply put —nothing.

For half my life I tried — I tried to be “a good enough…” you name it, daughter, sister, friend, teacher, horsewoman, wife… the list goes on and on. It was endless, literally it never ended. Even when I had great success it was fleeting.

I was steadfast in my studies to be better, and I brought everyone and my world into that expectation. Not only could I not fill that bottomless, cup but soon even my horse had to be better.

This is where I finally drew the proverbial line in the sand. I love my animals from the same place they love me, the heart. This is how I identified the disconnect of my mind’s “striving to be”.  This judgmental way of seeing was ruining my relationships. But perhaps even more so, it was painting a world I did not love. I set out to shift my perspective and my entire world began to change.

I decided that I could not rely on my mind as my primary guide. It was, a useful tool to help implement the life I wanted, but it could not make decisions that were without fear.

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I knew enough about fear that I recognized it created the pain and the negative judgments that kept me in a cycle of misery. I was very good at being good. So there were many times of joyful accomplishment. But then disaster would strike again. And the thoughts of fear would prove the unworthiness of my little frightened self. Then, with that negative opinion, the cycle of striving would start.

The horse did not lie. He was always there as a mirror and he offered the only choice that there was for peace —presence.

Shifting my perspective means accepting myself, my horse and my world just as they are today. This does not mean there isn’t a lot of growth. Growth comes naturally. As I often say “farmers don’t tug on their shoots”.

My world began to open and expand. And the first thing I noticed was that my horse was much more peaceful. I was more peaceful too. Then as I continued to notice everything just as it is, I also began to see peace was everywhere. I had missed seeing it when my mind was focusing from judgment. Fear was simply standing in the way.

All my relationships improved. This is how I changed my world. And it has remained the pillar of my work, both personally and professionally ever since.


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